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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Star Wars Armada: Mon Cal Repaints and an ISD fit for an Admiral.

Relatively quick post today! I recently touched up some of my Armada ships just for fun. I took a lot of inspiration from Parker's beautiful paint jobs.

I settled on a blue-ish purple with white tiger stripes for the big boy and one of the shrimps. I really like how it turned out on the MC30, but the big MC80 is actually fairly difficult to get looking cool. It's just a lump of a ship, and sort of difficult to approach.

 I also like how the red MC30 came out. Very bright and flashy, but it does sort of work.

 Very happy with this guy.

The MC80 looks okay. it needs something, but I can't pin down what that is. Editor's Note: It can be difficult with a model that's so bland (referring to the actual shape of the model)

Here's a quick and dirty guide on how I did the purple fishies:

1) Base coat the whole model in Privateer Press' Demon Flesh airbrush paint.
2) Mix some PP Snow White into the Demon Flesh and lightly spray over the model.
3) Use Vallejo air midnight blue, aiming to stay in the center of the model, and feather the edges a bit to make it look sort of shimmery/have a nice gradient
4) do the same with a lighter shade of blue- the name escapes me right now. This time, staying inside the perimeter of the midnight blue.
5) use the PP Snow White to do the tiger stripes with the airbrush.

1) use Vallejo Sky Grey to pick out some Greebles.
2) use Americana Victorian Blue to pick out other Greebles. I was going to use an orange, but didn't like the effect- I wanted it more subtle. A green might've also worked to stand out more.
3) MC30- use Vallejo London Grey to re-paint the grey parts of the super structure.
4) MC80- Use Vallejo London Grey to paint some of the.. uh... elongated greebles just for texture.
5) MC30- highlight some of the super structure with Sky Grey
6) use Vallejo German Grey to paint engines
7) changed the engine color to orange/yellow rather than blue so it stands out.

The shrimping fleet.

Finally, I decided to snazz up an ISD, mostly to have it distinguishable when I stream games. Sure, it's probably against regulation, but I'm sure there's some silly in-universe explanation I could come up with where the Emperor himself allowed an ISD to be marked.

So, there you have it! Just some quick touch-ups using the airbrush.

Thanks for looking!

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