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Friday, June 17, 2016

Bolt Action - Review: Historique Pin Markers

By Casey

Hey guys, Casey here with a review of Historique’s line of pin markers and objective markers. ​I take a lot of pins…I mean A LOT. Players use everything from bottle caps, buttons, glass beads, spent shell casings, bones of past opponents, and the ubiquitous D6 die. I personally like a clean table, when markers start stacking up, it can get a bit chaotic if you are using multiples types of pin markers. I have seen dice acting as pin markers swept up at the end of the turn as well. In my quest for a better pin marker I came across Rob Prince and his company Historique.

Historique’s take on pin makers are a numbered wheel (1-10) placed between two pieces of heavy duty mat board. They measure ¾” by 1" in size (20mm by 25mm) and are approximately 4mm in height. The graphics on each side are printed out using a high end laser printer that makes the colors vibrant and not washed out or faded. Each one of these pin markers are hand-made by the owner Rob Prince and the quality is evident. Using these in a game of Bolt Action made the table seem uncluttered and the ability to theme your markers after your army was even better.

With dozens of options to choose from, your armies will now take pins in style.

Historique has dozens of different themes for your pin markers and if you have an idea for one that is not currently available, you just need to email Rob and he will work with you to get your custom image printed and on the table.

Back in February I was gearing up for the Texas Bolt Action “Winter Steel” event and I was in need of 26 objective markers. I needed all of them to be the same measurements and I was looking for a keepsake that players could take home with them to remember the event by. So I reached out to Rob to see if he could put together some themed objective markers for my event. Rob delivered beyond my greatest expectations! These markers are 50mm by 65mm and have a felt backing to avoid getting moved around the table. All of the standard nationalities and unit images are available for them as well.

Historique are currently offering a World War 2 Starter package that has 12 Hit (Pin) Markers, 2 Ranged in Markers, and 3 Objective Markers for $20.00 USD. You can get these done up in any of the dozens of unit symbols, national emblems, or your particular force’s national flag. Custom options are not currently available for the Starter Package.

​Everything in the starter package, just pick your theme and you're good to go!

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