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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WWPD: Why We Fight Episode 1

 Cick here to download

Episode One of WWPD: Why We Fight hosted by Ben Davy, Eric Lauterbach and Luke Melia.  On our first episode the guys discuss the goals of the podcast and upcoming news for Flames of War.  In Act II the guys review what they have been playing  lately and some upcoming lists they are working on.  In Act III the guys discuss Team Yankee, Tanks and some terrain rules.


jmilesr said...

very cool - congrats on the new podcast. I'd like to suggest you "stay classy" and only speak in Iambic Pentameter - lets make it all Shakespeare like....

"To pass or not to pass my morale roll
that is the question"

Edzard Jan van Zanten said...

You said you used Skype for your recording, maybe Google Hangouts is a more stable alternative? It keeps going even if the host disconnects.

We have been using it for "paint & chat" sessions on this facebook group:

Anyway, nice to see some dedicated Flames of War content again. Thank you very much and keep having fun doing it!

Weland said...

Thanks for keeping the Flames of War podcast going. I personally wont mind if you stray every so often during the podcasts, but as long as you all have some good FOW discussion, it will be all be good!

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