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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Team Yankee - My first adventure into 15mm gaming

By Patch 

Hey there Team Yankee fans, I guess this is somewhat of an introduction for myself as one of the new writers for Team Yankee here at WWPD. I have been writing for a few years over on the 28mm Bolt Action side of WWPD, so if any of you have ventured there you may recognise the name or at least have read some of my articles (hopefully!). I am a father of three under four years, Australian and live in Canberra. 

 As a bit of background I started in wargaming about 4 years ago and quickly got interested in a new game called Bolt Action, in 28mm scale. As I became more involved and heavily invested in that scale and WW2 in general I would often peak over the gaming tables at the 15mm Flames of War games and miniatures like a kid cheating on his maths test. The 15mm stuff looked amazing but as I was already so entrenched within a WW2 game I just could never make the leap and have stayed loyal to WW2 in 28mm.

Then along came Team Yankee from Battlefront and the general excited chatter started among my gamer buddies. Cold War and Attack Helicopters featured heavily and the inevitable reminiscing of our youth would flow as many of us, having been born in the 70's, felt somewhat familiar with the general vibe of this period in history. Several of us had also served in our respective armed forces in the 90's, and so much of the equipment was instantly recognisable in a way that WW2 equipment could never be for us. 

That night I sent a message to a non-gaming buddy close by to see if he might be interested in this game, within minutes we were ordering one of everything online and a new wargamer was born (Forever to be known as Nemesis T). Unfortunately for us we did not read the fine print about release dates, so several weeks later we are still waiting for that initial shipment to arrive. I did place an order through anther retailer and managed to get my hands on the M163 VADS and M901 ITV Platoon pretty quickly and turned my hand to painting some 15mm vehicles. Going from 28mm to 15mm is both a challenge and a relief, there is less miniature to paint but the detail is so much finer! I feel it will take me some time to get used to it and improve.

So what are my expectations? Well I am super keen to learn how to play a game from almost its inception and expand my hobby to include 15mm Cold War. I will hopefully take you guys through a bit of a journey as I put together my forces, paint them and get them on a table for the first time. Enough of my waffle, next article will be all about the hobby!

Take care and see you all soon.

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