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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games BEF 18/25 Pounder Light Artillery

The lovely people over at Warlord Games recently sent me their 18/25 Pounder for the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) to review. They released it in July of 2015 (Release notes here) to compliment their BEF range, and it is a must have for any early war British player. I will be using the 18/25 Pounder in my new mixed nations force consisting of BEF and French forces which I have written about here and spoken about on the most recent Ghost Army Podcast.
So lets talk about the kit. At a price of 20 pounds it is comparable with other pieces of artillery and is a reasonable price for being nearly all metal (the limber is resin). It comes with the plastic Warlord Games bases, three crew and ten main separate parts. I was happy that there did not appear to be many small parts, which has been my undoing before with some of the Warlord Game artillery kits.

There are no instructions for these builds so it is an exercise in google-fu or the force, however in this instance it was fairly intuitive and did not take very long at all. I will admit I did leave off the smallest bits that attach to the breach as from experience I end up with too much of my DNA being permanently attached to the gun.

I based the gun on a MDF beer coaster from the local hardware, which I find gives more room and is consistent with the French guns I have for the force. The limber is on a 40mm plastic base. Each of the troops got their own base and of course the gunner got his own seat!

Painting was a blast and I think it came out looking great with a definite feel of early war to it. The limber, whilst playing no part in the game mechanics, is a welcome addition and helps to tell the story that these artillery men do not just pull shells out of thin air.

I would highly recommend this kit for anyone looking for an early war Commonwealth light howitzer, top stuff!

By Patchimus Prime 

"Patch has been playing wargames in Australia for around 4 years, primarily in 28mm, but has recently started in the realm of 15mm with the introduction of Team Yankee. Focusing mainly on painting, his skill as a wargamer can best be described as if he was part of a group exploring a planet he would be the one wearing the red shirt" 

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