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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bolt Action - Armies of the Community - Hungarians

By Anfernee and Bryan

Hi guys! Something a little different for today's article. Turns out, Anfernee and I are not the only ones who have taken up the challenge to convert and paint up a Royal Hungarian army in 28mm. Here we present a collection of Hungarian armies from across the global Bolt Action community. With no infantry models available, these are all a labour of love, so we thought it would be great to show them off.

Simon Mason
Here is Simon's fantastic Honved army. He has used a mixture of Artizan Designs and Black Tree Designs for the infantry, with a dose of the great Mad Bob Miniatures for the vehicles.

Mark Fritts
Mark Dawg's motorised platoon has driven straight through the middle of winter to reinforce Budapest against the red swarm. You can feel the miserable cold just by looking at them.

Chase Strolenberg
Chase's beautiful Hungarians were painted by Green Leaf Terrain. His two awesome cavalry squads make use of the Warlord Waffen SS Cavalry models and we love the officer's cavalry sabre. The army uses Warlord Blitzkrieg Germans for a lot of the infantry, similar to Anf's Honved.



Gregg Siter
Gregg is not only a complete legend as the man behind Easy Army, he is also a Hungarian fan. Gregg has even gone to the effort of translating the extra units and rules from the unofficial Hungarian PDF into Easy Army as well. So thank you Gregg from all us Hungarian players! Below is pictured his collection of Magyar steel courtesy of Mad Bob miniatures.

Tyler Goodflower
Hailing from Texas, Tyler is the internet's most positive and enthusiast Hungarian fan. He's been working hard on his army for over a year now and is getting very proficient at sculpting moustaches onto his miniatures to give them the right Honved flavour. His brilliant Mountain troops are from the WW1 Austrian range that is made by Brigade Games. He has also made use of Black Tree Designs and Warlord Games German ranges.

'Mad' Bob Emmerson
The man himself, Bob Emmerson has a lot to be thanked for. You see he is the one who has sculpted and hand cast all the Hungarian tanks you see in this article plus hundreds more. Without him none of us would have had a chance to convert up our armies. Thanks Bob!

Nigel Nieuwenkamp
This stunning effort comes from Nigel, and he has themed his force on the siege of Budapest in the winter of 1944-45. He has used the Warlord Games Polish motorised troops in greatcoats for this Hungarian infantry and of course Mad Bob Miniatures for the vehicles. The extra effort put into the bases really gives this special army a sense of time and place. Notice the headstones feature on the bases? Well that's because many desperate battles were fought within Budapest's graveyards with the defenders using the stone tombs as cover.

Jeremy Olsen
Last but by no means least, is Jeremy's award winning army. This army has also been inspired by the grim 100 day siege of Budapest and even has it's own custom display board. As you can see in the photos courtesy of Jeremy's blog, a lot of extra hobby effort has been lavished on these models. I think you'll agree it's award of 'Best appearance' at Adepticon 2016 was well deserved. You can check out more of his work on this army here at his blog, Empire of Ghosts.

Well that wraps up our community army showcase. It is likely we have missed many of you out there working on your own Hungarian armies, so please post up photos of your work in the forum link below or hit us up on facebook!

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