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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bolt Action - Alternate Mission #7: Crossfire

The battlefield can be confusing places. Enemies and allies might appear in your flank, fire fights can
erupt out of nowhere and orders may not make sense. It takes skill, determination and more than a little luck to succeed, and survive!


This mission uses 5, 40mm objectives.

One objective is placed in the centre of the table. Players should then divide the table in half diagonally. Each of the remaining four objectives should be placed 18 inches from each corner of the table towards the centre point of the board along each diagonal line.

Both players roll a dice. The highest scorer decides whether to be the attacker or the defender. The defender picks a diagonal side of the table and may deploy up to half of his forces anywhere on that side of the table that is not within 9 inches of the centre line. All other units are left in Reserve (See Reserves on page 119 of the rulebook). The attacker must then follow the same steps on the opposite side of the board.

Should either side include units that forward deploy like Observers or Snipers, these units can be deployed on the unit owner's side of the table as normal but they can deploy up the the diagonal line that runs down the centre of the board. They do not have to use the 9 inch push back that normal units must observe.


The aim is to hold the most objectives at the end of the game. To claim an objective there must be a model from one of your infantry or artillery units within 3 inches of the objective and there must be no enemy infantry or artillery models within 3 inches of the objective. Each objective on the board is worth one objective point.

First Turn:

The battle begins. Note there is no first wave in this scenario.

From turn 2, players bringing on reserves do so anywhere along their long table edge. Players may outflank or forward deploy as usual.

Game Duration:

Keep a count of how many turns have elapsed as the game is played. At the end of turn 6, roll a dice. On a result of 1, 2, or 3 the game ends. On a roll 4, 5, or 6 play one further turn.


The side with the most controlled objectives at the end of the game is the winner. If no side controls any objectives or if both sides control an equal number of objectives resolve the game using the victory conditions from Maximum Attrition.

If you would like to give us feedback about this scenario before it is published in its final form. Please try it out and give us your thoughts on the WWPD forms. There will be a topic started in the Bolt Action general discussion thread.  Alternatively, Old Man Morin can be reached via the LRDG Podcast Facebook page.

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