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Monday, May 9, 2016

4th Division Armored Rifles Versus Gepanzerte S.S. Panzergrenadiers

By Luke Melia

Another fight in the French countryside.  This time it pits the Gepanzerte SS Panzergrenadiers versus the American army's very own 4th Division's Armored Rifles.  We played Hasty Attack with 1420 points per side.  Fearless veterans are always a challenge and I have found that most times you have to kill them down to the very last man in order to break them.

I took a very aggressive stance in this game, deciding to really go after Andy.  I felt that with my numerical superiority I would be able to get on to the objective quickly before he could get his reserves with his infantry and halftracks bristling with MG's.  He opted to go with five platoons so he was only had two units to place during initial deployment.  He put his Panzer IV's and Wespes on the table and Here are our lists:

Initial deployment for both sides.

I put both ARP's, dismounted on the table along with my TD Recon teams.
Yes this is the Oddball Nationals Tournament objective from several years ago.  My favorite model.  Today it is the OP Sherman for my priest battery.

The TD's have one job.  Keep the Panzer IV's from moving while the ARP's go for the objective.

The OP Sherman sneaks up on the objective and the Wespes.

The 2iC in his halftrack is coming along to provide some .50 cal support.

In the middle of the Wespes to keep them busy until the ARP can slowly get there. 

The Priests come in from reserve.

The observer Panzer gets some MG shots against the ARP.  The battle with the 2iC/OP Sherman and the Wespes is becoming comical.  I shoot him, fail firepower and he is bailed.  He gets back in, shoots back and misses.  This goes on for several turns with neither of us getting an advantage. 

Almost there!

The German 2iC and CiC bring their halftracks in to hold back the ARP.

Armored mortars come in from reserve.

Just in time the German Panzergrenadiers arrive and the Americans start taking losses.

They fail their tank terror and can not assault.

.50 Cals and the Sherman along with a barrage from the Priests start doing some damage.

The Tank Destroyers pop and take on the Panzer IV's.  Two killed, one bailed and one alive, they fail their morale test.

More reinforcements, but it is too late.

The Wespes are killed, the Panzer IV's are gone and the infantry is pinned and can not get onto the objective.  The game goes to the Americans in a 6-1 victory.

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