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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games BEF 18/25 Pounder Light Artillery

The lovely people over at Warlord Games recently sent me their 18/25 Pounder for the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) to review. They released it in July of 2015 (Release notes here) to compliment their BEF range, and it is a must have for any early war British player. I will be using the 18/25 Pounder in my new mixed nations force consisting of BEF and French forces which I have written about here and spoken about on the most recent Ghost Army Podcast.
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Flames of War List Building 101

 by Chris Fretts

I find list building to be one of the fun challenges of playing Flames of War.  Finding a list that suits your playing style will increase your enjoyment of the game.   It can be frustrating for a player to fight both his list and his opponent on the table.  Hopefully a well-designed list will help you be competitive in a Tournament.  I don’t feel like there are any lists that will win always –it always comes down to who is playing the list, your Opponent and his list, the mission and the table.  Here are some of my thoughts on list building.

A Combined Arms list is a must for me.  I like lists that can be aggressive on the attack but  I must be prepared for missions where I need to defend.  Several missions, especially the Fair Fights, require lists that can do both to be successful.  While a list with all heavy Tanks  and little else or a static Fortified list can do well in some missions, they can fall apart in others.  Static lists always have trouble with Fair Fights when they need to get up and attack.  Heavy Tank lists with little else make for easy pickings for Bazooka, Panzerfaust, Gammon bomb-laden infantry lists.  While a combined arms list may not immediately dominate in any mission, it will almost always have a good chance of doing well in every kind of mission.

In a Tournament setting, you need to have a list that can have a chance in all the missions.  Especially in a 3-round tournament you don’t want to go into that event having a mission where your force has no chance of playing a competitive game, much less winning.  My objective in any game is to have fun and a well-built list will help to make that happen.
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Bolt Action - Review: Rubicon Models M8 Scott/M5A1 Stuart

I've been sitting looking at a blank page for nigh on 15 minutes now trying to come up with new ways to illustrate how great Rubicon Models kits are. Alas I'm many things, but a wordsmith isn't one of them. I'll simply say this. Rubicon continue to produce some of the best plastic kits on the market and every Rubicon kit I've built (8 so far) have been of the same reliable, excellent quality that we've all come to expect from this powerhouse. The Scott/Stuart is no exception.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Star Wars Armada Video Battle Report: Rieekan vs Motti!

Steven and Chris play Advanced Gunnery. Can Motti's Twin ISDs catch Rieekan's Double Assault Frigate and A-Wing horde? Watch and find out! -- Watch live at
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Bolt Action - Making a Land Mattress

Hey guys, this week I take a look at the American artillery choice that is the Land Mattress. A while ago this little gem popped up in Easy Army and I gleefully rubbed my hands together. Playing against Garratt, I'd faced the fury of the multiple launcher before but other than the Sherman Calliope, the Americans didn't have access to the equivalent of the dreaded Nebelwerfer. Then along came the Land Mattress in the Battleground Europe Theatre Book. I immediately did some searching on the internet and was wholly disappointed to find that no one seems to produce a 1/56 scale model for this great little piece.
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

AGoT LCG - Bristol Regional AAR - Swiss Rounds

Hello All

Last weekend saw the first 2nd Ed UK Regional for A Game of Thrones LCG, I popped along to Bristol and brought my camera along. I recorded the top table for each round of Swiss and I did record the cut to top 8 but my camera card got corrupted so I lost the top 8.... not happy about it but it was a good lesson to learn.
The event was well run by Liam Hall and the venue, Excelsior Comics, was really nice and friendly, if the toilets where slightly odd.... All the players were really great bunch of guys and from this experience the AGoT community seems to be a competitive but very friendly bunch. Here are the Swiss rounds I recorded, with games one and four probably being the highlights.

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Bolt Action - Alternate Mission #7: Crossfire

The battlefield can be confusing places. Enemies and allies might appear in your flank, fire fights can
erupt out of nowhere and orders may not make sense. It takes skill, determination and more than a little luck to succeed, and survive!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Netrunner LCG: Salsette Island Data Pack Review

Hello All

Following on from the review we did on Democracy And Dogma Review we have the 5th pack in the Mumbad Cycle Salette Island. In this video myself (Ben), Maz and Adam give our views on the cards and come up with a few deck building ideas.
Thanks for watching.

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WWPD: Why We Fight Episode 1

 Cick here to download

Episode One of WWPD: Why We Fight hosted by Ben Davy, Eric Lauterbach and Luke Melia.  On our first episode the guys discuss the goals of the podcast and upcoming news for Flames of War.  In Act II the guys review what they have been playing  lately and some upcoming lists they are working on.  In Act III the guys discuss Team Yankee, Tanks and some terrain rules.

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Bolt Action - Review: Warlord M7 Priest

I've recently received two of the new-ish Warlord Games M7 Priests for a little conversion project that will be its own article at a later date, but first I thought I would take some time to go over these great resin kits from Warlord for those out there that want to add some bang to their British or American forces.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Battlefield in a Box Oil Tanks Review

I am going to be putting a short series of reviews of Battlefront's new modern building line for play with Team Yankee

Battlefield In A Box has been a very good line of accessories for Battlefront's game systems.  They do not have to be used exclusively for Flames of War or Team Yankee, however, and may be used with any 15mm system.

Today we will be taking a look at Oil Tanks.  The product code is BB190 and it retails for $29.00 USD.   

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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode XXI: Hold The Door

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In episode XXI of Intensify Forward Firepower, DT, Dano, Easy Machine and Skyshuffler hastily regroup in the conference room of the Flesh Star Destroyer to discuss two new threats on the scanners. Wave 4 approaches and the crew does not hesitate to blast away at the Interdictor, while redirecting shields towards the Liberty. Tune in for their fast take on the latest Armada preview from FFG.

Want to join the conversation? Please sound off in the comments below, or let us know on our forum!
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Star Wars Armada Video Battle Reports

Two more video battle reports for your viewing pleasure!

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Team Yankee : A Bedtime Story

By Brian Sherry

Ah, the 1980s.  The time of my youth.  Who can forget Red Dawn, Rambo, The Day After, Reagan, Andropov (who?) and Star Wars (both kinds)?  Well, I can't and having had a father in the National Guard and an unhealthy (and continuing!) obsession with military topics, I was fascinated by the prospect of WWIII and a war with the Soviet Union.

 My father set the tone by telling me in the early 80s that, if they so chose, the Soviets could be in France and on the English channel in 3 days.  He told me his 13F MOS (Forward Observer) had a very short life expectancy if the balloon went up.  I was terrified and fascinated by the Soviet war machine and its weapons like the Hind-D, as well as our own wonder weapons like the AH-64 Apache and the Stinger missile. 
Fast forward approximately 30 years approximately 30 years later and one of my favorite games, Flames of War, has reincarnated into a new version called Team Yankee. 

 Based on the book by Harold Coyle, Team Yankee is a miniatures game of the mid-80s Cold War gone hot.  Seeing the fantastic models and reading the rulebook (filled of course with gorgeous pictures of said models on great gaming tables) I was hooked.  I quickly obtained starter-sized armies for both sides (okay maybe a bit bigger than starter-sized) and got painting in a frenzy. 
Due to family and other demands, I don't get to game as often as I would like these days.  Luckily I do have a rather agreeable game room and a good supply of 15mm terrain.  I was able to play a small game with a buddy but that was before I had painted anything.  So, in order to get my teeth into the Team Yankee system with all my shiny new toys, I decided to play a decent-sized solo game. 
The scenario I chose was "Dust Up" which consists of a meeting engagement between the two forces, with reserves potentially arriving from Turn 3.  Each side had two objectives in their deployment zones, and the zones were diagonally opposite halves of the board along the long table edge.  The combatants can achieve victory if either side suffers a morale failure, or seizes control of an objective in their opponent's deployment zone. 
To keep the game reasonably short, as I was playing later in the evening, I made two approximately 75-point forces.  I am still learning the game, so I apologize for any rules errors in advance.

1x M1 Command tank
2x 2 M1 platoon
2x 2 M1 platoon
2x Mech Inf Platoon with M113, 8 teams per platoon with law and dragon
2x VADS M113
2x ITV M113
2x Cobra Helicopter
2x A-10 Warthog flight

1x Command T-72
7x T-72 Company
6x T-72 Company
1x BMP Command w Ak47 team
4x BMP with 4 AK 47 team and 3 RPG-7 team
2x Gopher SA-13
2x Mi-24 Hind Helicopter

Each side had to hold half their units in delayed reserve.  The Soviets deployed their larger T-72 company and the Hinds, along with the force commander tank. 

Across town, the M1s set up behind buildings, and the VADS deploy to cover them from air threats.

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Bolt Action - Trenchworx 'Tanks of the Western Front' Kickstarter interview

By Casey

Hey guys! It’s Casey here. I recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Nate from Trenchworx about their newest Kickstarter, “Tanks on the Western Front”, but before I get into that, here’s a quick introduction about me and my love affair with Bolt Action.

Shortly after high school I joined the United States Marine Corps as a rifleman and got to see the world. While in the military I was introduced to Warhammer 40,000. I ended up with quite a few miniatures but as you know, life gets in the way and I never really got around to playing an actual game. That left me with a drive to play a miniatures game but I was never able to find the right one. Fast forward to last year - while scrolling through a  friend's Facebook feed, I saw some pics of his Bolt Action Soviets and was instantly hooked. I have always had a intense interest in World War II so after some googling and a few YouTube videos, my first army was on its way. Shortly thereafter I was able to get a demo with the infamous Oscar “Sugary Sweet” Barela. After that I was in hooked. Now a little over a year later, I own half a dozen armies, organize events here in Texas, and still can't wait to throw dice with friends new and old. Enough about me though, on to Nate at Trenchworx and some information about their newest Kickstarter..

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

LRDG II (Inappropriate Interviews): Episode 2

LRDG II (Inappropriate Interviews): Episode 2

Old Man Morin is back with new guests and new conversational topics in the LRDG II's second big episode!

In segment 1, DaveOwaR jumps on the mic to talk gaming in general. Though we start off with a few minutes of fairly intense Malifaux discussion, we quickly shift conversation to gaming as a whole. We talk about the new point values for AOS, the newest version of Warhammer Quest, the most recent changes to the Bolt Action format rules, the release of a new Bolt Action scenario, shifts in our gaming interests (and what makes us happy) and changes to the industry as a whole 

Segment 2 switches gears completely, away from gaming and Brad brings on his old mate Admiral Walken (Aka Christian Bladt) from the WWPD ad to talk podcasting, celebrity stories, impressions, karaoke, ancient history, superhero movies and more... Though part 2 is not about gaming we hope you will stick around for the banter and fun. 

If you want to find out more about Christian's podcast (The Bladtcast)... Please go to

As always please leave us feedback on our FB page, The LRDG Podcast.  Thank you for tuning in!

As always, you can find this episode in the iTunes store or you can download it directly HERE.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

WWPD: Why We Game

As you've no doubt noticed, WWPD does not have the same focus on Flames of War we previously have had in years passed.  We have spoken to this subject on the WWPD: News From The Front podcast and as many of you are aware many of our core group just do not have the same passion and interest in Flames of War.  For some, gaming interests have changed. Others are not having the same experience with the game and have moved on to other systems that fulfill their gaming needs and of course, personal lives have changed with new careers and growing families. To one degree or another I am sure that you can relate to this since we, as gamers, have all encountered these changes to our various hobbies and games at various points in our lives and will continue to do so.

At WWPD our situation is unique, because everyone reading this IS our gaming group. We count ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to share not only the games we love with all of you, but to a large degree our lives. I am sure this is obvious to anyone who as ever listened to our podcast, so when our interests change, we recognize that it impacts you as well. Most people who listened to NFTF or logged onto our site expected and anticipated Flames of War content. The shift in our format, without that focus, may have not been to your liking. We built our reputation through being the web's premier source for FOW for a very long time and we have had an absolute great time doing just that. One of the cornerstones of WWPD is that we wanted our show to make people feel like they were participating in a conversation between friends who were all sharing games they were passionate about and for a very long time that was Flames of War.   

So where are we now?  Jon, Steve, and I are still the best of friends and we want to continue recording News From The Front. We can not in good conscience try to force conversations about Flames of War when we all do not have that enthusiasm and passion I keep talking about in this article. Work, personal interests and family obligations have been taking a serious toll in our lives recently and it has become increasingly difficult for us to get together and record. This has been a contributing force to our irregular recording schedule so we will be experimenting with new ways for us to record remotely from our own homes as some of the other podcasts have done. We will no longer be having regular, exclusive segments on Flames of War. We will still continue to talk about the games through our after action reports segment and commentary on any tournaments we will have or will be attending, but Flames of War talk will be limited. We will be talking about our current interests including all of the other games we are playing, whether it be miniatures, board, video or card games. This will be a gaming podcast, by gamers for gamers in the purest sense. There should be something for everyone and we hope you will continue to listen and share our gaming experiences with us.

I am proud to announce that we will also be launching a brand new Flames of War focused podcast called WWPD: Why We Fight. Hosted by Ben Davy (from Breakthrough Assault), Eric "Tarzan Truck-stop Atrocity Phase" Lauterbach, and myself Luke "cool pants" Melia. Why We Fight will focus on Flames of War, Team Yankee, Tanks and all other Battle Front related games. Our goal is to provide concise discussions on these games, with the same "quality", and I use that word loosely, that we provided on News From The Front. 

In addition, we have some changes coming to the WWPD website as well. We will be adding new navigation features to the site to make it a bit more user friendly. From the main WWPD page you will be able to access links at the top of the page to whatever game suits your interest. For example: if you just want to see just Bolt Action, all you would do is click on the appropriate icon and you will immediately see all of the Bolt Action related podcasts, videos and articles relating to the game. The same will be true for Flames of War, Armada and other games to make it easy for you to customize your WWPD experience. 

Near the end of 2016, Breakthrough Assault will merge with WWPD.  The team at B.A. are faced with the same challenges that we are here at WWPD in regards to changing interests and growing family commitments. By combining our resources we will be able to provide consistent, in depth, quality articles on a regular basis for the betterment of the entire gaming community on a single site.  We aspire to be the source for all of your Flames of War related needs. Ben, Adam and the Breakthrough Assault crew will still continue to record Beyond the Foxholes providing their unique  perspectives on all of the games they are playing. (All in British accents I might add)

WWPD continues to grow and expand. I am happy to report that our website viewership continues to increase year after year, which is incredibly humbling for us.  To us the most important aspect of gaming is the personal interaction individuals have with one another.  Our goal is to be a resource for the gaming community and a place for all to feel welcome to share ideas, get advice and to be in an environment of friends who share the same passion and enthusiasm for gaming that we have.  We may not always agree with one and another, but we are still grown men playing with toy soldiers and having a great time doing so.  We hope you will continue to grow with us.

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Bolt Action - Building A Themed Army: Operation Greif

By Old Man Morin,

After the D-Day landings, in the winter of 1944, Allied forces continued to push German forces back further and further towards Germany.  There was even optimistic talk of the war ending in a matter of months if not weeks.  These thoughts turned out to be a tad premature as Allied troops were in for a rude surprise.  Hitler had planned a secret counter offensive that later became known as the Battle of the Bulge.  As part of this push, one of Hitler’s favourite SS commanders, the infamous and flamboyant Otto Skorzeny, concocted an audacious and illegal plan to put the enemies of the Reich on the back foot.  Hitler green lit the plan and Operation Greif was born. 

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bolt Action - Baconburgers Podcast: Episode 5, parts 1 & 2

As an amazing siren once warbled "oops we did it again". Unfortunately we're not suggestive and ultimately crazy teen pop sensations, we're the baconburgers. Sorry about this folks, but this is another long one. Our longest to date. At nearly 6 hours we cover all manner of crunch. We lock horns with Lord Hunter from the Down Order. We speak with Jeremy Williams, the sterling loose unit who wrangled adepticon and generally Garratt, Rob and Tristan get three sheets to the wind and talk some bolt action. Enjoy!! Warning - mature language warning & mature content.

Explicit language warning, mature listeners only.
Part 1

Please find this episode in your friendly local iTunes store or download it directly HERE.

Part 2

Please find this episode in your friendly local iTunes store or download it directly HERE.

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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode XX: Where Greebles Haul

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In Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 20, Dan, Skyshuffler, Easy/Chance, and Drunk Tarkin find their way back to the Flesh Star Destroyer from scattered points across the galaxy to talk shop about Star Wars Armada. First they make weak excuses for their extended absence. After, they talk about Regional Tournaments, flotillas, obscure naval terminology, and forgotten ships making big comebacks.

Want to join the conversation? Please sound off in the comments below, or let us know on our forum!
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Team Yankee - My first adventure into 15mm gaming

By Patch 

Hey there Team Yankee fans, I guess this is somewhat of an introduction for myself as one of the new writers for Team Yankee here at WWPD. I have been writing for a few years over on the 28mm Bolt Action side of WWPD, so if any of you have ventured there you may recognise the name or at least have read some of my articles (hopefully!). I am a father of three under four years, Australian and live in Canberra. 

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Rookie's Regional Experience

In the past couple of weeks I've written not one, but two articles on my preparations for the Star Wars Armada Regional Tournament in Selden, NY. This past weekend was the main event, where all of my preparations would be put to the test.

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Bolt Action - Review: Rubicon Models M10 Wolverine

By Anthony "Anfernee" Mason

Today we are going have a look at the Rubicon Models M10/M36 kit. This is another stunning kit from Rubicon that is brimming to the top with options. This kit not only has the option to make the M10 Wolverine as I have here, but also the M10A1 variant, the 17pdr SP Achilles (Ic or IIc) and the M36 Jackson (M36, M36B1 or M36B2). They model makers at Rubicon have managed to fit this staggering amount of choices into the one box. The modular nature of Rubicon's kits really make them big game winners in my eyes. So come with me as I crack open this box of goodness and assemble my very own M10 Wolverine.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hill Making Tutorial

By Luke Melia

War gaming hills.  They are an integral part of the terrain features on all of our tables no matter what system we play.  Hills also provide depth to tables, block line of site and provide cover from enemy fire.  When people have asked me over the years what types of terrain they should make first for their tables, I always say "hills" without question.  There are a lot of different techniques for making hills and there is, by no means, a right or a wrong way of making them.  Terrain is a very personal thing for me.  Ultimately you have to be happy with the way any piece of terrain looks on your table.  To that end, I would remind everyone that this is the way I like to build hills an it works well for me.   If you have some alternate methods please feel free to share on our forum. 

I am going to show you a couple of different types of hills and rocky outcroppings that I have been working on.
You start with pin (or blue) insulating foam. You as several choices in the thickness of the board.  This will determine how tall your hills will be.  I chose two inch thick so I would get more height, specifically for the rocky outcroppings.  I use a jig saw to cut out the rough shape of the hill then use a Styrofoam cutter that you can purchase from any hobby or craft store to shape the hill into the shape I like.
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Bolt Action - May the Horch be with You, Tournament Recap

By Tristan

May the Horch be with you...

A couple weeks back, (the 7th of May to be exact) the Bolt Action Alliance, in conjunction with House of War (HoW) and War and Peace Games ran the second Melbourne based Bolt Action event for the year. It was a 1000 point event running generic platoons with no hard restrictions as we were running the BAA season 3 format.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Bolt Action - US Infantry Painting Guide

By Bryan

Hi guys, welcome to another step-by-step WW2 painting guide. This time for US infantry. I know these miniatures look a little off... They are in fact my Free French which were equipped by the Americans, so apart from some head gear they are exactly the same. This guide presents a method which is designed to get your US army painted quickly with the minimum amount of steps but the maximum 'punch' in the depth of the shading. Key to this is the use of Army Painters Quickshade 'dip'. Read on and I'll show you how to get the above result in 6 steps.
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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Advanced Squad Leader; My Apprenticeship

By Mitch Reed with Dave Garvin

I have been a gaming junkie since my early teens; perhaps even before if I include Hi-Ho Cherrio and Rock-Em Sock-Em robots.  Like many of us with gray hair, I cut my teeth on the wargames produced by the now defunct companies called Avalon Hill and SPI.  One game that stood out from my teens was Squad Leader, a game by Avalon Hill that dealt with small unit tactics in WWII. Out of all the games I played back then, for some reason Squad Leader always seemed stuck in my mind and when I started playing Flames of War 4 years ago, I was once again reminded of this great game I played in my youth.  In reality, Squad Leader and FoW are worlds apart in many ways besides one being a board game and the other being a miniatures game.  They both cover the sharp end of war; company level combat in close quarters and teach the player how combined forces work in a tactical situation.  I feel the comparison ends at that point; and Squad Leader takes the player into a deep immersion of the subject.
I want to first be clear of my history of the game; I played Squad Leader (SL) a John Hill design which came out in 1977.  The basic game was a smash hit in 1977 and Avalon Hill expanded the game over the next 6 years by adding modules that expanded the rules and nations that were not included in the original game.  In 1985 Avalon Hill doubled down on the series and created Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) which was designed by Don Greenwood. While many hard core grogs would say they are two entirely different games I would argue that if not for SL, you would not have ASL.  In all fairness I never played ASL when it came out, by 1985 sports and rejection from women were more important in my life than gaming.

Throck with the full rules binder
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Rookie's Road to Regionals: Part Deux

The march to the Star Wars: Armada regional tournament continues, and due to time constraints this will probably be the last article before the tournament. However, look forward to a full recap on this site once all is said and done.

First time bringing down an ISD

With that out of the way, let's talk about how my newb preparations are going. In Part 1 I went over some basic outlines that apply to many competitive games. In this article, I'm going to go over another critical aspect of preparing for a big tournament: PLAYING THE GAME!! Of course, it's not that simple, and there are some tricks that can help maximize the value of your game time.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bolt Action - Ghost Army Podcast Episode 16

Ghost Army Podcast: Episode 16 - The GAP Strikes Back!

The Ghost Army Podcast returns after a break and with a new theme song by Blackwater Drowning! Patch, Bryan and Anfernee dive into what they have been up to for the last few months, followed by a short discussion on V2 of the Bolt Action rules and the future of the season format, before taking a look at the new Australians in the Pacific PDF army list..

Find this episode in your friendly neighbourhood iTunes store or HERE.

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Playing Tournaments - By Andrew Hopson

by Andrew Hopson

Tournaments are a great way to meet new players, learn new tactics and list building ideas, and can make a mediocre player very good in a short amount of time.  Getting ready for a tournament can be that impetus you need to finish painting those new units you want to run, and a reason to get as many games in as you can to sharpen your skills.  Still, to the beginning player tournaments may seem like a daunting experience, but with a little preparation and following some common sense guidelines, you can have a great experience right away. 

Before the tournament:
Proper preparation will make your tournament experience a lot more pleasant, improve your chances of doing well, and will reduce the odds of aggravating your opponents.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

4th Division Armored Rifles Versus Gepanzerte S.S. Panzergrenadiers

By Luke Melia

Another fight in the French countryside.  This time it pits the Gepanzerte SS Panzergrenadiers versus the American army's very own 4th Division's Armored Rifles.  We played Hasty Attack with 1420 points per side.  Fearless veterans are always a challenge and I have found that most times you have to kill them down to the very last man in order to break them.

I took a very aggressive stance in this game, deciding to really go after Andy.  I felt that with my numerical superiority I would be able to get on to the objective quickly before he could get his reserves with his infantry and halftracks bristling with MG's.  He opted to go with five platoons so he was only had two units to place during initial deployment.  He put his Panzer IV's and Wespes on the table and Here are our lists:

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Behind Enemy Lines Episode 25

We’ve got a full house today with all of the crew and two special guests! There was a lot of news to cover as well as exclusive TANKS info and interview with the Battlefront team.

In Act I, There’s a lot to cover this episode from Salute news to new rules editions of some big titles.
In Act II,we talk about the events at the last TCOW club meeting, look at some upcoming events and get caught up on our #FoWPacific coverage progress. 

In Act III, we interview Sean Goodison and Andrew Haught about the new Battlefront/GF9 game: TANKS!
Warning: This Episode Contains Explicit Language!

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