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Friday, April 15, 2016

Netrunner: Tournament AAR

Hello All

Ben here from Breakthrough Assault, that small site from across the pond. It might surprise you but I'm not here today to chat about Flames of War, no I'm here to chat about (well, show you) Netrunner and A Game of Thrones the card game from Fantasy Flight Games.
I have been playing living card games now since last summer as with baby number two on the way I knew my painting time was about to disappear and I wanted something new to play that didn't need painting. A couple friends ran me through a few games of Netrunner and what was meant to be something I picked up a few sets of here and there and turned into a collecting obsession... I really must have all the cards! The price point to get into Netrunner was a little bigger than I hoped (but probably still cheaper than the average 40k army these days), so when A Game of Thrones was released I decided to pick it up too. I'm a massive fan of the show, I didn't want to decide to get into the game a few years down the line and have another big price point to over come.

So me being me I tried to learn everything I could about the games and before too long I was spending my evening watching YouTube channels like Rob's Gaming Table, Throne Runner and Metropole Grid. I never thought watching card games could be fun, and being partly inspired by Steve's Armada live streaming, I decided to started my own channel!

I have called it Knight of the Blackwater, sort of named after Bronn my favourite character from the TV show. I plan to go to a couple of tournaments each month, one Netrunner and one AGoT, and record the games there. When I'm able to go to the local stores LCG night I will record practice games and I hope to start live streaming those too. I also have data and chapter pack reviews on the horizon. This is also leading me back to some FOW produces as I think the new Tanks! game will be very good thing to record.
Anyway the top of this says tournament report so here are a couple of games from the recent Bag of Holding Netrunner Spring Kit tournament.

If you enjoyed the videos please subscribe and you can watch the rest of the tournament on channel. If you have any thing you'd like to see or think needs changing please let me know.

Thanks for your time


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