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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

HMGS Board of Directors Election

As most of you know, we are big supporters of HMGS and encourage all of you to become members to support our hobby.  Over the years, we have become very interested in how the major HMGS Conventions - Cold Wars, Historicon and Fall-In - are run.  We think that the HMGS organization and the wonderful conventions that they run are a big part of keeping this wonderful hobby growing and thriving.  HMGS is having an election to pick the next Board of Directors, and we would like to encourage you to vote, no matter who you prefer.  However, we do have an endorsement to make.

The WWPD Crew has become quite close with Keven Kelley over the years.  First, as an online and Flames of War gamer, then as a contact with HMGS and more recently just a good friend.  On the business side, WWPD has had a wonderful time dealing with Kevin when coordinating our frequent appearances at the HMGS Cons.  As you all can imagine, there is quite a bit of coordination between Luke and HMGS to get the show off the ground.  In most cases, we wound up dealing with Kevin in his position of Treasurer, or he has stepped in to facilitate communication between us and the rest of HMGS.  It has been a pleasure doing business with Mr. Kelley.

On a personal note, we have very much enjoyed gaming with Kevin over the years - both online and in person - and we never fail to have a good time.  Kevin has great insights into games and game systems, but also has intelligent and thoughtful things to say about the state of our hobby, the direction of HMGS, and just life in general.  It is always a pleasure.

We feel confident that Kevin will be an outstanding HMGS Board Member, and bring his thoughtful, analytical and practical mind to the many challenges facing the future of HMGS, the Cons and our hobby.  Let this serve as our enthusiastic endorsement of his candidacy.

You can read more about Kevin's platform (and all the other candidates) here.


Jon, Luke, Eric, and Steven

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