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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Williamsburg Muster....Always a good time!

 By Eric Lauterbach

Muster! and so should you! If you're not going to the Williamsburg conventions and you live within a couple hours drive you are wrong. The gaming is non-stop late into the night and the tournaments are always a good friendly affair.  So if you are new to the tournament scene this is the place to get your feet wet. This year we did a Mid-War 1500 point tournament.

 Chuck Carey "The Strelk-King of Central Virginia"...but wait look at all those tanks and cavalry?

 Italy vs Russia

 Andrew with his game face.

 Jon takes pics for a Batrep???

 Still no Batrep...doh!

 Brits are coming!

 Buzzzzzzzz!  Airplane noise....BANG bomb!

 Tim on the move.

 Where do the Panthers go?

 Jim Best the younger moving too fast.

 DAK in the house!
 Pesky rules problems..

 Vet Italian infantry are tough to move.

 More Russians

 Brit Para and Germans fight it out.
 Ken still looking for a Six.

 T.O. drink of choice.

 The girlfriend does not approve of the Russian onslaught.

 The round three stare...

 James best the Older.

Waiting on round three results playing Munchkin.

Great time at the Muster! It was an all "James Best" affair with the older and the younger taking first and second.  James Best senior came in first with Germans while his son James Best Jr. came in second with Brits. In third place with Germans it was Jeff Shue. 

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