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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Team Yankee Soviets and US in Free for All

 Posted by Eric Lauterbach

We had a good learning game of Team Yankee - this was Luke and Andrew's first go at the new modern rules. Since they were unfamiliar with the rules, I looked up the questions as they came and took pics. As we were trying out the rules, I made the lists to include a little bit of everything. Andrew took the Soviets and had a Motor Rifle Based Battalion, One large MRC and one small. He also had 10 T-72s, Hinds, ZSUs, Recon, SA-13s and some Frogfoot. Luke ran the US and a Tank company base of Two platoons of 3 and a HQ M1s. He also had Mech platoon, Cobras, A-10s, M109s, ITVs and some VULCANS! (stop saying VADS nobody said VADS back in the day).  To make it quick and dirty fight they just played free for all.

Objective with US Mech.

Arty ready

US ITV and M1s 

Andrew's Soviet armor.

The large Motor Rifle Company defends the right flank.

Recon out front doing its thing and Andrew is going right up the road at him.

Andrew's out front Recon gets some long range hits.

Both M1 platoons move to shoot - this no prob for the Abrams - full rate of fire no penalty in your face.

Twelve shots from the M1, Arty barrage, Cobra attack and ITV shot for good measure. SPLAT goes 4 and one bail. 
One Cobra was shot down.

No morale issue for the Soviets other than the Recon which is below two AFV.

Small MRC sneaking around hill.

Hinds attack the US Arty 

Wreck them good after taking some Vulcan fire.

T-72 return fire kills one M1

Soviets duke it out.

US turn now.

USAF shows up!

This is not going to be good. Luke goes after the small MRC.

The A-10 gun wrecks the BMPs.

The M1s pound the T-72s but Luke has terrible firepower rolls and Andrew has good armor saves.

Only two T-72 killed from the last Cobra and M1s

Less than two operational AFV morale check and they pass.

Soviets go on the offensive and the Frogfoot show up as well.

Between the T-72s into the flank and Frogfoot which survived the Vulcan fire the M1 Platoon is toast.
The US lost the platoon but....

The Soviets are very exposed to the other platoon and the USAF A10 show up again.

But this time the SA-13s hit home and shoot one down.

Its no big deal the M1s can take care of the problem.

BLAM! the finish off the Recon and last T-72s.

The Soviets need to commit the other MRC the left flank has collapsed.

They get there but the A10 is back.
Bruuuup...A-10 loving! and the Cobra, M1 fire and these guys have problems.  They were dying so fast no time for smoke.

The US CO and the Mech platoon go on the offensive.

All they have to do is dust a couple of ZSU off the objective and its over so we call it.

Both players had some real "A-HA!" Moments during this fight.  They realized the error of their deployment and use of particular platoons.  Next time both will be better at it. Its very important to stress the US player and not let him concentrate his M1 fire if at all possible.  The BMPs should have been in a place to support the T-72 attack with ATGM. Anyway, lessons were learned.

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