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Friday, March 18, 2016

Team Yankee Soviet Defend in a No Retreat

 By Eric Lauterbach

John Desch and I decide to try a World War III battle to get a feel for the tank on tank fight.  Our forces could not contain any air assets and the point total was 100. I played the Soviets and I had two companies T-72s with 9 each, a recon BMP of 2 vehicles, and a Motor Rifle Company of 5 BMPs with Infantry and RPGs. John's force was two platoons of 4 M1 Abrams, HQ of 2 Abrams, Mortar platoon, Mech Platoon and a section of ITV.  The mission we randomly rolled and no retreat came up. We rolled again and Soviets were the defender. At least my choice for which platoons to put on the board was easy, or so I thought. We totally screwed up the deep reserves rule and I put one T72 company on and one in ambush. This is illegal, but probably had no impact on the outcome of this fight. The objectives were a castle way out in the open placed by John and house at cross roads placed by me. This was not going to be easy.

 As you can see my T-72s are painted for the desert.

 This group of row houses is the soviet objective.

 That lone castle building way out on the road is US placed objective.

 US deployment area.

 Blue Platoon.
 Red Platoon.

The US picked to attack in daylight since we are both fairly new to the rules.

 US start line.

 Soviets gone to ground and concealed hull down or in cover.

 US move up.
 Soviet turn one and they get reserves. The US moves to a good position on the flank and the ITVs creep to the top of the hill.

 Soviets move into the town and two BMPs fire long range ATGMs at the ITV.

 BLAM!  Roll a six and win!
 Morale check - they do not have two running vehicles.  ITVs boogie.

 Soviets in town.

 That large open area is a problem for both of us.

 Since the US can move and shoot at RoF two and no penalty for long range, they pretty much dictate the battle of where and when the fight will happen.

 They all pull online.

 Twenty shots this will hurt.

 Concealed and gone to ground will help.

 Oh, and the soviet recon comes in on turn two as well.

 Just hide - don't go up there.

 Position of Soviets top of turn three the US calls in smoke.

 BANG! first platoon fires

 BANG second platoon fires!

 BANG! HQ fires..twenty shots and four dead and one bailed.. OUCH!
Probably better than expected since the T-72 saves on 4.

 Position of the smoke screen will block ATGMs from the BMPs.

 Soviets needed better armor saves and better bail back rolls - the one tank fails the remount.

 Soviets pop the ambush.

13 Shots back at the US forces.

 Killed two M1s but failed to make them take a platoon check.

 Soviet Infantry move out to get to that objective.

 US Infantry move to flank

 The US shoots and scoot with 16 shots.

 One platoon fails the get away roll.

 The US killed the T-72 company all they way to the man. Only the Battalion CO is left.
That was another slightly above average shot with bad armor saves.

 Things not looking good for the Soviets.

Soviets concentrate fire on the platoon that did not scoot. They paid the price for their error.

 Sucks to be in the other platoon.

 The US pinned the Soviet infantry with mortar fire, killing a stand.

 The Recon are going to have to start earning their pay

 US Infantry and the HQ M1 flex to the flank.

 Hey nobody shot us! The US have moved so they only see the BMPs.

 The US fires 8 shots at the BMPs and their luck has run out. They only get a bail and one kill.

 Recon move up.

 Everybody moves up ...time to go all in. Besides if I don't do something I will lose the objective in the open.

 Here is the key dilemma of the Soviets: would it be better to hide and go to ground being hit on 5s, or go on the offensive and shoot the US on 5s before they shoot you?

 I think its better to go on the offensive and shoot him first.  Only my shooting sucked and his saves were great not even a bail with 8 tank gun shots.

 US HQ comes back for the gun fight.

 The US shoots and scoots again. So these guys take no return fire.

 The US kills four tanks. These three shot back.

 Killed an HQ tank.

 US move in to finish off the last four T-72 and they do. But the last T-72 passes his morale check.

 Long range ATGM kills an M1

 With the Soviet CO dead all the US needs to do is kill this bailed T72 and the two Recon BMP to win.

It didn't take long for that.

Concentrated M1 fire is a bitch. The T-72 does not generate enough firepower to keep up with that.  Plus the fact the M1 should always get the first shot if the US player is any good.  The Soviets need cheap BMPs and Hind attack helos to keep the US honest.  The shoot and scoot and use of smoke is deadly in the hands of a competent player. Probably a Soviet Mech forces would have been a lot better in the no retreat mission.

Have to try that our next time!

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