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Monday, March 28, 2016

Cold Wars Doubles Mid War 1942 Tournament

 By Eric Lauterbach

Cold Wars has come and gone and it was another great one. Once again I ran the I95 Flames of War Doubles Tournament on Friday, and this years Cold Wars theme was 1942 armies. The rules were you could use any equipment in the Mid-War lists but if you wanted 3 extra points to your finial battle score you must have equipment that was in the field in 1942, no 1943 equipment at all. So a little research had to be done to make sure your army was compliant to get the points and three points is a big deal. For my part as the TO, it was pretty obvious if the army was 1942 compliant but I did have to check a few things.  I learned StuH42s did see the field in 42' as 11 of the earlier versions were retrofitted and sent to the front as a test. So hey - I even gained some knowledge! The rest of the doubles rules were 1000 points swing 200 to either play and you may not have two of the same type companies. Tank/Tank or Infantry/Infantry would be illegal.

 I could tell it was going to be one of those days when the players were coming up with these team names.

 Team Turn

 Chaban and Loy

Long time players Cribs Bisignani.

 Lee and Knoke at it again

 Team King

 PawPaw and Mike

 Glen and Eric

 Zimmerman and Stephens

 Cool Pants, his son and Myles.

 Jesse and Tim

 Something looks important

 OtBob and Dennis checking the list.

 Rich and Howard

 Tim and Scott

 Everson Table Ready 

When the last dice was rolled and scores recorded Luke and Myles won the tournament with 3 wins in a row. In second place was Jesse Scheaffer and Tim Demarteleire. Next was Glen Vanmeter and Eric Mylin who barely beat Nolan and Ryan King out for the third.
It was a good time and we did see some equipment that does not make it out much so that was nice for a change.

" Team Make Flames of War Great Again" quote of the day.

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