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Monday, February 8, 2016

Playing Around with Team Yankee!

 By Eric Lauterbach

Well, some of the I95 guys have picked up the new Team Yankee book and it was time to dust-off the micro armor.  Some of this stuff has not seen the light of day in 20 years so it was good to do.  Sean Mackintosh has so much micro he can do whole Motor Rifle Regiments! We got out of hand rather quickly with what we put on the table for our knowledge of the rules.  So we did two 200 point armies with all the bells and whistles so we could give the rules a good test.  We were not overly concerned with the missions, so we did a modified free-for-all with the Soviet objective of opening a road off table and reducing the village that dominated them.

 The new spearhead deployment is interesting by using the recon platoon you can extend your deployment area very useful!

 The center of the soviets.

 US left flank was Mech based with M1 backing them up.

 The town was defended by a M1 company

 Waiting for the Russkies!

 Sean has a ton of great buildings for Micro!

 This is good look at how the battle was started.

 Soviet right flank.

 Soviets send most of their command toward the left but small detachment of T72s move to pin down the US left flank.
 Soviets coming over the hill.

 Recon and Infantry moving down the highway.

 The US deploys a smoke screen for the on coming Soviets to deal with and pick off a few recon teams.

 With this smoke screen the Soviets can not get any long range shots.

 Soviets get air for the first time and 4 Frogfoots come in.

The Soviets commit the Hinds and the whole tank force.

 The US Vulcans do really well and shoot down two Frogfoots.

 US ITVs get whacked by BMPs

 Soviet shooting is kind of bad...

 With all the Aircraft, Hinds, and Tanks, they only get one M1 kill and one Bail.

 The US plan is finish off the BMP company which they do, and then scoot away.... 

 US screens off the tanks with a smoke screen to finish the BMPs

 Lots of Mech death.

 US Cobras get in on the action as well. The only problem is the new morale rules are ridiculous - you got to basically kill them all.

 OOps!  US blows the roll to scoot so... these guys are hanging.

 Soviets maneuver for the bridge.

 Soviets press the town.

 US infantry are in the houses and are taking fire.

 The US was starting to pull to the right flank so the Soviets commit the decoy force.

 Soviet bad dice still holds - only one M1 is killed.

 The US dice are not much better and few BMPs die.

This time, the US pulls back deep into the town.

 Soviets setting up for an Assault on the Town.

 The Soviet decoy force gets whacked!

 The Soviets go for the assault on a pinned US platoon but the firepower while pinned is still pretty good and the assault is checked.

 Soviets fall back pinned.

 The US Airforce suddenly decided to show up after being missing all game.

 A-10s clock a bunch of tanks.

 Soviet force swings around the town.

 They do get one tank.

 The US is still in pretty good shape but its getting late.

 So we call it a draw.

This was our first go at TY and after the fight we realized we did a few things wrong which was to be expected.  Sean and John's micro collections are extensive and have not been used for many years so we are all looking forward to more tests of the game.  Sean's GeoHex terrain for micro is amazing he did a good job of spiffing it up.

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