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Sunday, February 14, 2016

News from the Front - Episode 101

The Old School crew is back!  Luke, Jon and Phteven blow the doors off Episode 101!  

In Act I, the boys do the usual look ahead to upcoming events like Cold Wars, ROFCON, a Huzzah tournament, etc.  The guys look look back at Williamsburg Muster and all the other stuff that has been going on.

In Act II, Flames of War is the topic!  We cover some news from Can-Con, speculate about the future, overlooked rules, and talk about the struggles of putting together a 1420 list.

In Act III, we talk about TwitchCastles of Mad King LudwigEclipse and the first book review of the year
After Hours

We get a little off the rails in this After Hours, so I will let the content be a surprise.  Have fun

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