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Friday, February 12, 2016

L'Art De La Guerre in the Manly Scale!

 By Eric Lauterbach

L'Art De La Guerre is the current hotness in the Ancients community - a one book package with all the rules and armies. The majority of the players play in 15mm, but a few select brave souls play in the "Manly Scale" of 28mm.  Its a righteous beautiful wargaming event to play Art De Guerre in 28 mm.  I do not own any 28mm Ancients, so all of these great looking figs belong to Sean Mackintosh.  The armies set for this day's battle were Late Imperial Romans vs. the Visigoths. The Roman force was Cataphract Heavy with a good backbone of Legionnaires. The Visigoths had the usual tons of sword swinging warrior infantry with the elite nobles mounted on Medium Cavalry.  The Romans - having better command - were able to choose to defend against the Visigoth attack.

 The field of battle set up.
 Romans need to get clear of the village to spread out.

 The Visigoth center is slowed by rough ground.

 Roman light Cavalry Ambush!

 The Cataphracts have formed a good line.

 Roman Legionnaire advance.

The Roman left refuses battle as the right advances.

 Finally clear of the bad going, the Visigoth infantry advances.

 The Visigoths are having a hard time controlling their forces.

 Visigoth Noble Cavalry attack the left flank.

 Roman Cataphract hit home.

 Visigoths are not in a good spot.

 Roman Auxilia attack the Visigoth flank - it really is not looking good.

 The Visigoths Nobles are really working over the left flank its race to see who can break the others flank.

 The armies are fully engaged.

 The first crack in the line Romans have broken through.

 Visigoth Light Cavalry have skirted the Roman lines and attacked their camp.

 The camp is not really fortified - its just what we had and looks pretty. You have to pay for fortifications.

 Another crack in the Visigoth line.

 The Roman left flank is beginning to crumble.

Yikes a huge break in the line the Visigoth infantry are really taking a beating.

 The Roman left flank is in shambles.

 The Visigoth center is wrecked.

 You don't want to be that guy surrounded by Cataphracts on three sides!

 Desperate battles all over the field both sides are close to breaking.

 The lines are all gone its just confused battles here and there.

 With both forces one away from army break, this is the critical turn.

 Crack!! both sides break! On the same turn.

 What is left of the Romans - a pretty solid force but with a lot less Infantry.

 The Visigoths have lost almost all their warrior infantry and only the elite Nobles remain.

This was a fantastic game! I have played a lot of ADLG and have never had two armies break on the same turn, which is a draw.  The "Manly Scale" of 28mm looks Soooooooooo Good!  I really want to start a 28mm Ancients army - it has a real toy solider feel to it.

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