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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chain of Command Japanese Vs. the USMC

 By Eric Lauterbach

Played a great game of Chain of Command with my pal John Desch. The guys made some new jungle terrain and it seamed like the best way to give it a test. We did a basic patrol on patrol action.  The Marines had real command issues starting out the game, while the Japanese had great command dice. This unbalance led to a weird "go for it" game with each side having their way with the other for a few turns.

The figs are all painted by John and they all looked great!  We wanted to use figs for jump off points so we had to add a few dead guys.

 The patrol phase Japanese lurking..

 Marine Patrol phase.

 Marine jump off point.

Second Marine jump off point

Third Marine Jump off point.

 The Japanese went first and place the knee mortars on table look out!

 Japanese squad on table.

Second Japanese squad on table.

 The Marines are having command issues but pop a HMG and fire up the road.

 All the Marines have is a Platoon Leader and an HMG on table.

 The Japanese bring on a senior sergeant who yells BANZAI! 

 The Japanese squad charges the HMG.

 It's a gamble to charge an unpinned HMG but its worth the risk with high value targets near by.

 With a small team, a senior leader and a jump off point all there if the Japanese can get them all the Marines morale will be wrecked.

 The HMG and Leader put up a good fight and blast the hell out of the Japanese.

 All the Marines are killed but also a good portion of Japanese.

 Plus the Japanese leader is dead as well these guys are orphans.

 The Marines finally get command dice and bring on a fresh squad. They waste no time setting up the counter attack and start shooting up the squad.

 The Japanese bring on the "Woodpecker"

 More Marines show up.

 The Japanese still hold the jump off point if they can end the turn it will be bad for the Marines but they just do not have the dice.

 Marines clear out the Japanese on the jump off point then attack the second Japanese squad.

 The Marines concentrate fire on the Japanese.

 Japanese squad wiped out.

 Neither sides morale is any good any more -- both have taken high value causalities. 

 The Japanese bring on the last squad for another desperate charge on a jump off point.

 The Japanese take the jump off point.

We call it after that both sides are down to only three command dice and are pretty beat up. Not sure either side can really claim victory for this one.  It was fun and ugly fight!

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