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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bolt Action - Free gaming resources

Want some challenging new missions for your games? Interested in knowing more about some of the more obscure armies of the Second World War era? Looking for some extensively play-tested 'house rules' to create a more balanced game of Bolt Action? Then come and check out all the free resources from the Bolt Action Alliance!

2016 mission pack

If you head over to our Bolt Action download section, you'll find we've just added a brand new 2016 mission pack. It has 6 missions for you to try out in your games. They are not new and have been around for a while now, but this is the first time we have converted them over into an easy to use PDF. All the missions now have set up maps to help as well. These missions are balanced and challenging, and have proved very popular at organised events around the world.

Download your free mission pack here.

Unofficial army lists

Our downloads section also features passion projects from our team in the form of unofficial army lists for Bolt Action. The first being the Armies of Hungary. The Royal Hungarian army does have an official list, but it is very limited and incomplete. Anfernee and Bryan, being passionate Hungarian enthusiasts have put together a PDF that expands upon the official list, with the addition of many of the missing units, weapons and vehicles. There are also some alternative national special rules to choose from to add some additional flavour to the official list.

Download the unofficial armies of Hungary here.
The second free army list on offer is Cbax's extensive resource, the Armies of the Empire of Ethiopia. Not strictly part of WWII, the Italian invasion of Ethiopia took place directly before and so this supplement allows you to field an Ethiopian army to face the might of Mussolini's Italy. It includes a history of the conflict, an army list, missions and theater selectors. This is well worth a read.

Download the Armies of Ethiopia here

Season 3 of the Bolt Action Alliance 'Format'

These are unofficial rules. They are also extensively play-tested and have been refined over the last 12 months with tons of community feedback. They are also optional, use them or not, they are just here for you to try out. Many of us veterans of the game are finding these minor rules tweaks are giving us a really enjoyable Bolt Action experience. These tweaks allow more iconic units like half-tracks, medium and light machine guns and anti-tank guns to be more useful in the game for the points you pay to use them. These rules tweaks also tone down some of the more 'unbalanced' units and weapons, allowing you to take what you want with a more balanced version. With the official 2nd Edition of Bolt Action scheduled for release later in 2016, we are anticipating not having to make a Season 4.  That said we, of course, welcome feedback on Season 3 as it is a living document and we can update it if folks are adamant about certain rule changes.

Download Season 3 of the Bolt Action Alliance Format here.

We hope these resources add something useful to your Bolt Action games, be sure to share with us on the forum if they do:

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