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Monday, January 4, 2016

Star Wars Armada - Steve's Rebel Fleet

Today I have a quick post to showcase my Rebel fleet for Star Wars Armada. In a few days I will do the same for the Imperial fleet.

Fighters with an Assault Frigate Mk I in the background.

 More fighters! HWKs and H-6s on the right, X-Wings, A-Wings, B-Wings on the left.

 4 YT-2400s.

4 YT-1300s including my attempt at painting the Falcon (back right of the 4). I decided to make all of the freighters unique since they wouldn't have been put into any sort of fighter organization.

 Consular Cruiser (from shapeways) and a stealth corvette for covert missions.

 More Y-Wings.

 Collection of Corvettes. DP-20 in the rear is also from Shapeways.

Thanks for viewing!

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Tom Gall said...

Front row of the ships, in the exact middle ... umm what ship is THAT ?

Steven MacLauchlan said...

That is an Assault Frigate Mk I that I sometimes use as a stand in for a Mk II. Slimmer version of the whale :)

Davis Messer said...

Where did that MK I Assault frigate model come from?

Steven MacLauchlan said...

I got it here:

Davis Messer said...

That model is amazing but it seems the site is shut down.

Davis Messer said...

And now I'm painting fighters cause they just look so cool painted.

Davis Messer said...

Found the model on shapeways from one of the sellers from you earlier article about alt ships. Good stuff though I think I am headed down a deep rabbit hole.

Gottmituns205 said...

Strongly considering dropping the dough on an Assault Frigate MK 1 as well...they look too good to pass up.

Plus not a fan of the Guppy.

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