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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Star Wars Armada - Steve's Imperial Fleet

By Steven MacLauchlan

Just another quick post to document my Imperial fleet for Star Wars Armada. Naturally, this fleet is far less colorful, and only one capital ship has seen any appreciable paint added! I have, however, added windows to all of the capital ships, which only show up so well in these pictures.

The former flagship of the fleet- an againg Victory Star Destroyer, and one of the last capital ships to be granted permission to paint any flashing.

For some reason, this sector has been relying on Bounty Hunter scum. Boba Fett in the front. Three Aggressors behind him. In the rear, more Firesprays including Kath Scarlett and a Jumpmaster 5000.

 Lots and lots of TIEs.

 More TIEs!

 Even more TIEs.

The Victory Star Destroyer "Widowmaker" formerly served as the flagship in this sector, before the conflict escalated and three Imperial Class Star Destroyers arrived.

The big beasts.

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