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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games Battlefied Objectives - Fuel Dump Supply

By Patch

Whilst we often look to Warlord Games for our toy soldiers and tanks I was given the opportunity recently to paint up and review some of their terrain. They have packaged up some of their scatter resin and metal terrain with larger pieces to create a Battlefield Objectives range, the one I have is the Fuel Supply but also available is the Radar Assault and Bunker Assault.

 The kit includes the following items:

1 multi-part hard plastic Wrecked House
2 resin quarter circle Sandbag Emplacements
3 sets of resin Oil Barrel piles
1 set of 6 single Metal Oil Barrels
1 set of 4Ground unpainted laser etched MDF Barbed Wire Barricades

The wrecked house is simple to put together in about 10 minutes and covers an area with the base of around 4 x 6 inches. The plastic is highly detailed which makes painting pretty easy and leaves some room to customize with your own bits and pieces if you want to. The only addition that I have made is to put some small amounts of rubble around to add some depth. As you can see with some paint on it really comes to life and will add a lot to the story your table will tell. I knocked over the painting for this in about 2 hours and cant wait to do battle over it.

The two resin sandbag emplacements are clean and nicely detailed and will offer your small teams or support weapons some nice hard cover to hide behind. They are around 2.5 inches long and being sandbags can be painted up to suit any type of theater.

The oil barrels come in metal and resin with the single ones being metal and the group ones being resin. The barrels needed minimum clean up and can really be added to any terrain piece or base. In my case I will use some to put in and out of a truck and add to bit of terrain.

Barbed wire was a feature of just about every battlefield in WW2 and yet it is rarely seen on tables. This kit from 4Ground is easy to put together with 6 x 3 inch barbed wire stands that can be placed anywhere on the table.

When you put all the items together it forms a fuel supply depot that you can use as an objective for your missions or spread it out to add scatter terrain. The excellent thing about investing in terrain like this is that you can use it in just about every game you play as it is so versatile. This means it will see a lot of use so a worthwhile outlay in my opinion. All these items are available individually through the Warlord Games webstore but may be subject to availability as at the time of writing this particular kit is listed as sold out. Keep an eye on the webstore though as I am sure it will be in stock again soon.

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