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Monday, January 4, 2016

Bolt Action - Review: Laser Touch Strike Case

By Tristan

  Recently I received the Strike carry-case from Laser Touch. For far too long I've transported my figures around in cardboard boxes and other dubious forms of "protection." In the last 12 months I've lost numerous aerials, gun barrels and don't even get me started on the number of turret mounted MMGs & HMGs, I've had to glue back on.

  Well my friends, those dark days are over. The Laser Touch Strike is sleek, stylish and very easy on the eyes. Once open, the insides reveals an interior that has been engineered with precision and professionalism! The sturdy and robust construction will stand up to the harsh punishment that we gamers put our cases through.

  Once I got over my giddy excitement at the top notch quality of the case itself, I turned my attention to the trays that come standard with the case. The Bolt Action Starter kits 1 & 2 are fantastic for any entry level gamer that wants options and will allow you to get 1000 points of goodness into 1 case. The first tray is capable of carrying 44 figures and would allow you to carry between 3 - 5 large squads along with a HQ unit, snipers, flame throwers and other support options.

  The second tray is a veritable array of awesome. Able to carry a tank, three 40mm based support teams, a 60mm support team, seven individual models (I find these slots good for observers), three slots for armoured cars or trucks and finally an oval shaped space for those hard to place models that might be a little large for the other slots.

  All in all the two trays provided will allow any entry level player to safely transport their models in the knowledge that they'll be safe, secure and stylishly carried! If the entry level trays aren't you're particular cup of tea then you can have a chat with Craig and swap the entry trays for something that may be more your speed. Craig has even designed a selection option on his website to allow you to choose which trays you'd like to purchase with your strike case.

  I currently use the strike for my 1000 point British list and everything in that list fits comfortably into the trays I selected. Because of the odd shape of some of my support options I needed to liaise with Craig and I was able to purchase a customised tray that fits all my vehicles and support units. I'll be running about at Cancon if anyone would like to come and say hi and have a look at Craig's handy work. Alternatively Craig will be at Cancon and I highly recommend that everyone heads over and shows Craig some love!!

  Until next time, roll your 6's and have fun.

 Tristan is a new kid when it comes to war gaming. Having been playing and painting for a little over 12 months, Tristan has found the whole experience to be both challenging and rewarding. You can find him roaming around most Melbourne based Bolt Action tournaments, mic in hand, ready to record the truth of Bolt Action at a moments notice for the Ghost Army Podcast.

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