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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bolt Action - Review: King Tiger (Porsche Turret) from Warlord games

By Garratt

Hey guys. Garratt from the Baconburgers here with a huge slice of mild Monterey Jack. I'm reviewing Warlord Game's King Tiger (Porsche Turret). This big beast is sure to be a centerpiece of any German force, it commands your attention due to it's sheer bulk alone, as it crosses the tabletop crushing all laid out before it. At least that is what you hope it does when you sink 555+ points into this awesome bruiser.

Warlord has had a King Tiger with the Henschel turret for a while now, but this variant with the rarer Porsche turret is a more recent kit. The Porsche turret (mistakenly named, as it was believed to be designed by Porsche, when it was an initial design by Krupp) has a rounded front to the turret, which was harder to manufacture then the flat, squared turret known as the Henschel turret. Only 50 of these were made before production was moved over to the easier Henschel turret.

Porsche turret left, Henschel turret right

Removing all of the pieces from the packet, they all looked of high quality. This is a resin kit with metal extras, like most of the Warlord resin kits. The detail was on point and super crisp, from shackles to torsion bars and there looked to be no flimsy parts to be broken off by accident during transport.

As I began dry-fitting the main body together I was disappointed to find the resin tracks had been warped and needed a hot bath to get them aligning snugly. This is common problem with resin, especially in the summer heat of Down Under, and one thing plastic kits have over resin. So after a little DIY, I had the tracks straightened out and attached, and then the metal track guards went on covering up any existing blemishes.

The barrel was fixed at a downward angle, which I feel detracts from the atheistic. I removed the pin that held the barrel in place so I could move the barrel up vertically however the recess on the turret doesn’t allow this to happen without some gaps appearing between the barrel and turret.

Guiding holes had been included on the chassis for the exhaust and machine gun which made placement for these easy. However there are instructions included so I needed to use my Google-fu to find where the remainder of the little extras went. I painted mine in a plain Dunkelgelb, fitting of a late-war behemoth rushed out to hold back the approaching Allies.

Overall, a well detailed model which would make a fine addition to any German army. If you must have a Porsche turret on your King Tiger, then this is the model for you. Now I just have to figure out how to fit it into my list! Grab yourself one from Warlord Games today.

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