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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bolt Action - Review: Debris of War Stowage Set

By Tristan

  When I started off in the hobby my initial focus was terrain building. I found an enormous sense of achievement from building interesting and exciting pieces, and pretty soon I found myself looking for a viable source of well caste, detailed stowage and terrain supplements.

 After searching about online, I came across Debris of War. DoW sell a fine selection of resin caste stowage that are perfectly scaled for 28mm vehicles and terrain. I purchased the 30 different items of stowage set and waited patiently. In no time at all, I received a package from the UK and I was ready to rock!

  Upon initial inspection I found a full set of excellently sculpted pieces. The pieces themselves are interesting and varied. You get an oil drum, some jerry cans, some crates and heaps of tarps, bags and blanket rolls. Each pieces is detailed, crisp and required little to no work to clean up.

  I've been using DoW for around 12 months and the initial pieces I included in my early terrain and vehicle are still looking great and haven't chipped or scratched like other brands of resin stowage can.

Here you can see my US Airborne Jeep festooned with stowage.

  The price for 30 pieces of stowage is on point at a very reasonable £5.50 and shipping to Australia didn't hike the price up too much. The quality of the resin is first class and I'll definitely be keen to have a look at DoW's other offerings such as the 28mm walls and the graveyard/cemetery set.

  Until next time, roll your 6's and have fun

 Tristan is a new kid when it comes to war gaming. Having been playing and painting for a little over 12 months, Tristan has found the whole experience to be both challenging and rewarding. You can find him roaming around most Melbourne based Bolt Action tournaments, mic in hand, ready to record the truth of Bolt Action at a moments notice for the Ghost Army Podcast.

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