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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bolt Action - The Ghost Army Podcast Introduces Bolt Action To New Players

Earlier this year, The Ghost Army released a special episode of their podcast for new players. We thought that since it was a new year... We would repost it for your listening pleasure.
Note: This is not a new episode, but one from earlier in 2015.

The Ghost Army Podcast and presents an introduction to Bolt Action for new players

In this special episode of the Ghost Army Podcast the guys introduce the game of Bolt Action to new players. Old Man Morin, Patch and Anfernee talk through the game's basic mechanics and units. They also talk about how army building works and discuss some commonly asked questions sent in from newer players. 

If you are new to Bolt Action, we would like to welcome you to the fantastic online community and resources associated with the game.

We hope you enjoy and check out's other great podcasts. Thank you for your time.

Please note: THIS IS NOT A REGULAR EPISODE OF THE GAP. The GAP will be return shortly with more of the same usual content y'all know and love.

You can find this episode in your local neighbourhood iTunes Store or you can find it HERE.

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