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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Twas The Night.... In a Galaxy Far Far Away

  By Mitch Reed

Twas the night before seven, when all 'round the table
Not a gamer was talking, no tall tale or fable
The space mat was laid across the table with care
In hope that my list would defeat all who dare

Knowing that a flight of four TIEs are soon dead
upgrades for my ships all danced in my head
Perhaps a Tie Phantom to sneak into their lap
But once de-cloaked that ship's easy to snap

So I settled on Imperial ships that really matter
Two interceptors, and an Advanced, the Rebels I will batter
With all the upgrades that make a 3-ship force a splash
Whatever X-Wing I encounter I will certainly bash

The table was arranged, my anticipation had grown
We placed obstacles and satellites to and then fro
Then my opponent’s forces started to appear
On the table in formation, I started to leer

B-Wings, E-wings, I started to get sick
This superb Rebel force will be very hard to lick
Against this mix my force is not so lame
Then an YT-1300 was placed; Millennium Falcon was the name

RRRR, Now on Biggs! Now Wedge!, Luke and Poe!
On, Rhymer! On Vader, On Jax and Echo!
To the edge of space, fight them all!
Now speed away! Speed away! Dash away all!"

Go right at them, into an asteroid don't fly,
Zoom with a straight 5, Turn on sharp 2 in the sky
Barrel roll, boost, in formation my ships flew
With proton torpedoes, ion cannons, the excitement grew

Closing in at range three, trying not to be aloof
Rolling my red die, to make an enemy go poof
They shot past me, with a Koiogran turning 'round,
Speeding right at me they came with a bound

Taking their shots at a range less than a foot,
With focus and target lock, perhaps I should scoot!
My green die rolling was keeping me on track
Though I should have ran; confidence I didn't lack

Maneuvering into position, unloading shots I was merry!
Rolling a lot of dice, the color of ripe cherry!
They could not evade and I landed a strong blow
One E-Wing destroyed! my lasers all a glow!

Then his B-Wing showed its deadly teeth,
Knocked out my 'ceptor! I shook like a leaf!
Two vs two, my shots had to be telling
I fired my missiles, my enemy was yelling

A badly damaged B-Wing I was smiling like an elf!
I shouldn’t get too cocky or ahead of myself!
But then before I could turn my head,
In came the Falcon, and brought with it dread.

Unloading on me, Han Solo made quick work,
Knocking out my Advantaced, I felt like a jerk.
With the damaged B-Wing in front of my nose,
I fired what I had left, Knocking it out I'd suppose

My odds were slim so I decided to run,
Knowing that this game was no longer fun.
Off I raced to the table edge and drove out of sight,
"May the force be with you on this wonderful night!”

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