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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bolt Action - Ghost Army Podcast Episode 14

In this super-sized 14th episode, the guys talk about painting tips and tactics before bundling up warmly to converse with our very own King Of The North, C-Bax. From there, the conversation gets deep into the .Net Season 3 rules changes, Japanese forces outside of the island hopping campaign and how to effectively set terrain up on your table top. We invite you to cuddle up with loved ones by the fire and enjoy this holiday season offering from Down Under!

Happy Holidays!!!

You can download this episode from the iTunes store or directly from HERE.


Unknown said...

it might've been this podcast, or another, but someone mentioned a Finnish army kickstarter that turned out to be a disaster, with a particularly ugly weapons crewmember. Could someone post some pictures of these models to satisfy my curiosity?

Skorpious said...

The kickstarter is called Winter War. You should find some pictures there, although probably not of the later sculpts which got progressively worst.

obarela said...

HELLZ YEEEAAHH TEXAS BABY!!! Taking over the world!!!!

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