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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Intensify Forward Firepower Episode XV: Romantic Pedantic

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Intensify Forward Firepower Episode 15: The Second Wave's Landing brings Dano, Drunk Tarkin, and Skyshuffler together with a special guest - battle computer R1H4 - to talk about their recent mega-sessions using all the new tools provided by Wave 2 of FFG's Armada. Thoughts on the new additions fill this show,  along with a few war stories, and a vicious Vader fight. Master Engineer Lobrad has his work cut out for him as the Flesh Star Destroyer is covered with carbon scoring from all the recent action! 

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Joseph Harney said...

Another great podcast guys. I really do think the raider is the flanking ship that has been missing from the imperial fleet. It has the speed and ability to get around the primary arcs and put pressure on your opponent.
Equipping a raider with an overload pulse can set up your Avenger ISD-II for an excellent 1-2 punch.

Stormtrooper said...

you could use a Ruthless strategist on VSD2 with Warlord and H9, that 2 auto dmg on squadrons every attack

Steven MacLauchlan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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