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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Wave 2 Intel Sweep

Prime opponent Sean and I continue our Wave 2 games! I picked up an MC30 and was eager to get it on the board! I decided to try the MC80 "christmas tree" (as Drunk Tarkin calls it- loaded with ornaments!) and it amounted to a huge chunk of my points. An escort of 4 Bs, and an Assault Frigate formed the core while the MC30's job was to cause mayhem and allow me to see how the beast works.
Sean opted for a more straightforward approach- Motti leading a flotilla of Star Destroyers mostly naked.

One way or another, Sean elected to be player one and we went for Intel Sweep.  Sean mostly knows how to shut down Intel Sweep as player 1 now, and with the ISD- I believe he could pull it off.

Off we go!
The line is formed. The MC30c is primed to go nip at heels and the Star Destroyers are lined up.

The ISD cuts ahead but the VSDs are already playing catch up. The fighters allowed me to delay committing my ships which really hurts VSDs.

Home One and its escort of B Wings braces for the approaching VSDs.

The MC30 Scout frigate navigates to avoid as much fire as possible.

The developing battle, a few turns in. (side note: Many folks have asked me to try to be more clear what happens turn to turn. I will endeavor to do that, but this is an older game!)

B-Wings and concentrated fire bring down one of the VSDs.

Then the worst thing happened. Like I always do when I am first learning a ship, Sean sadly drove his ISD off the board. It's weird for the Imps to have such a speedy big ship! At this point we consider our options- do we continue? Do we let it live? Finally we decided it's a lesson learned. In my first game with Glads, I drove 2 off the board. In my first tournament, I drove an AF off the board. It happens once, and usually doesn't happen again.

In the end, the lead AF is hurting. The MC80 is doing alright. The MC30 is hurting. Sean is down a VSD but has 75 points for grabbing more tokens. But losing the ISD makes the result of this one obvious and we call it.

Fun game, and important lesson learned!


Comintern said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Steven MacLauchlan said...

Hey man, I'm gonna go ahead and say those comments aren't cool. Sean isn't nearly as into Armada as the rest of us (you won't catch him on the forum) so he just screws around now and again, and I appreciate him playing with me. Sure putting it out here is asking for comments like that, but please keep it constructive or keep it to yourself.

Jason Meyers said...

Great looking game! Can't wait to get my Armada collection going. Thanks for the write up.

Unknown said...

If you have played Artmada then you have flown a ship off the board and you have run your own ships into each other. IT happens!

One other thing us it's hard to drive 4 ships guys like Danno that think they are going to be able to run 6 raiders got another thing coming.

Comintern said...


You're right, my apologies. My comment was not constructive at all and it should have been. If he had fun, the it doesnt matter. I simply dont look at many sites and so yours is the only one where I get to see matches for the second wave. I has just felt like your battles have been purposefully one sided.

I will keep that in mind in the future.

Steven MacLauchlan said...

@Comintern I seriously appreciate you taking the time to comment back :) The fun thing is, Sean is determined to improve as the Imperials so now you get to watch his journey from the student to the master.

Iskander4000 said...

What did you think of the SW-7 on the MC80? Were there any times that you wished you had brought leading shots instead?

Steven MacLauchlan said...

They really didn't do anything for me at all haha. I never felt light on firepower I reckon...

Iskander4000 said...

Same here, I think they came in handy once when I used them and that was it. They might be better on a blue corvette.

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