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Friday, November 20, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing - Fall In X-Wing Roundup

The WWPD crew played a ton of X-Wing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster at Fall In! We had an absolute blast. At one point 3 tables were running simultaneously. At my table we got through 12 missions or so through the course of the weekend. Below are some pictures I have and some links to other blogs talking about our Heroes games.

Paul's Blog "The Man Cave" covered our X-Wing games pretty thoroughly as did Miles' Lair of the Uber Geek. Take a look at them to read about the experiences of some rook pilots we put through the ringer.

We had quite a large showing for the squad! I may not remember everyone's callsign here, but I'll do my best:

Steven AKA "Dice" for my abysmal dice rolling abilities.
Sean AKA "Escape Plan" for needing (and sometimes failing) to bug out frequently.
Dano AKA "Hoover" for vacuuming up all the XP.
Jon AKA "Rando" cause he never got a proper callsign.
Eric AKA "Gramps" for having more XP than anyone.
Chris AKA "Hawkeye" for having his eye on an HWK from the get-go.
Nicole AKA "Looper" for doing infinite K-Turns.
Blaze AKA "Zaro?" not actually sure what his callsign was.
Reilly AKA "Magnet" for drawing heaps of enemy fire.
Miles AKA "Dozer" because he thought we were supposed to fly INTO the asteroids, not around.
Luke "The Sweeper" for cleaning up all the dust.
Adam "Ragnar" because he is a viking and flew like one.

The crew making a ground assault.

75% of the Intensify Forward Firepower crew.

Escape Plan's A Wing and Dice's B-Wing go in as wingmen.

The crew.

We had a blast! Thanks for everyone who flew with us!

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