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Monday, November 30, 2015

Bolt Action - Review: Trenchworx T34/76

By Patch

  Our friends at Trenchworx recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch a new range of 1/56 scale vehicles based on  Japanese and Soviets forces from their battles around Manchuria.  This comes on the back of another successful Kickstarter where the focus was on WW1 machines instead. I went in for 6 vehicles (three Russian and three Japanese) and had them delivered on time, which is a massive bonus on what can be a gamble when pledging money to a Kickstarter funded campaign.

The three Russian tanks I ordered were the T-34/76, the BT-7 and the T-26 (from a much wider range available) as I am building an early war Soviet force based around the Battle for Moscow and these vehicles fit with that period nicely. Knowing the quality of product that Trenchworx puts out I was not surprised when they arrived and were just top notch stuff.

For this review I will just concentrate on the T-34/76 however, I have thrown in some pics of the BT-7 and the T-26 for you to check out. Assembly is an absolute breeze with grooves that mean you really cant screw anything up and all in all it should take you about 15-20 minutes to put it together with some cleaning up thrown in the process.

I take the normal precautions of washing the resin however this is more from habit than anything else as I understand that they do not use the traditional mold release agent normally encountered. I primed the tanks using an enamel primer spray (acrylic would also be fine, just another habit I have picked up) and then used an airbrush to build up some light modulation with some AK Russian green paints. I then used some AK enamels such as the dark wash from brown vehicles to add some weathering and finally some German grey to to some chipping. (Credit to Rubicon Miniatures for the spare decals from one of their T-34 kits)

Overall this is a very fine kit which is on par if not better than anything else out there. The lines are crisp and the detail fantastic and the only things that let this product down are the lack of crew and no accompanying decals. The T-34/76 retails online for USD $34 which is very competitive for such a high quality product.  Do yourself a favour and check it out as you will not be disappointed.

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