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Monday, October 26, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Massing at Sullust Tournament Report

By Steven MacLauchlan

I was able to participate in a Massing at Sullust tournament at Battleground Games in Richmond VA, but unfortunately they did not receive their Wave 2 kit in time. I decided to stick it out and play the tournament (it was only even a question because I had moved into my new house less than 24 hours before!), and I'm glad I did!

My list was pretty straightforward:
Assault Frigate Mk II B: Garm Bel Iblis, Gunnery Teams, Advanced Projectors.
Assault Frigate Mk II B: Gunnery Teams, Advanced Projectors, Enhanced Armament
Assault Frigate Mk II B: Gunnery Teams, Advanced Projectors, Enhanced Armament

My first game was against Chuck, who ran 2 Guppies, a Corvette and Luke + 2 B-Wings. I forget his specific loadout now, but I do know he elected to go first and chose my Intel Sweep.

It was like watching 2 pods of whales run into each other- a theme that would repeat itself throughout the tournament! In the end, I took down one of Chuck's Guppies and got the bonus points which brought me to a 9-1.

Game Two:
Game two was against Sean's double Guppy, Yavaris, Fighter build. I chose his Minefield objective and he sectioned off the board. I expected him to use that to funnel me, but instead he intended for me to cross the minefield, and I did not oblige. I never fired a single shot in this game, and he rolled a total of 5 red dice against me!

All of Sean's fighters look great!

5-5, 0 MOV.

Game Three:
My final game was so close, I forgot to get any pictures other than setup! This was against Jeff's fighter build that had lots of As and Bs. He chose my Advanced Gunnery. We circled each other down the toilet bowl as Guppies do. Two of my guppies were in very bad spots, but managed to keep their shields up. Jeff had to alternate between repairs, navigations, and squadrons and eventually drove his objective ship off the board! I forget the final score here now, but I think it was an 8-2.

Closing Thoughts:
Over two tournaments with Garm's Guppies, I did not lose a single ship. Those Guppies can tank all day long... but I fully expect wave 2 to change that up!

I won the tournament, and without the Sullust kit the store very generously hooked me up with $50 in store credit! Very cool!

I had a great time, and really enjoy the Richmond VA Armada crew.

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