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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: First Wave 2 Game! (MC80 Rebels vs Imperial Star destroyer)

By Steven MacLauchlan

Finally, Opponent Prime Sean and I had massed our fleets and unleashed the Capital Ships in the sector. After countless border skirmishes, the time had come to draw out the fleet commanders. Read on as Vader and Ackbar square off. Will the Imperial will be done, or will the freedom fighters score a much needed victory against the Empire?

Here are the fleets we choose to take into this first capital clash:

Sean elected to go first and chose Intel Sweep from my objectives. With his Glads screaming across the board and a heavy hitter that can move with a quickness, I wasn't sure how this would turn out!

Turn One and deployment.

Home One, freshly arrived and ready to vet her crew.

Vader's personal ship, Devastator.

Bottom of Turn One.

The ISD turns into the Conga Line, blazing away with her Gunnery Teams directing fire. Both the lead frigate and Home One suffer severe damage.

The lead Gladiator goes down hard as the lead Frigate issues a concentrate fire order.

Similarly, massed fire from the Frigates and Home One's fire direction bring down the big beast.

The lead Assault Frigate is severely bloodied, but holding on, but as Home One splits the Gladiators, her side batteries tear into them.

Knocking down one..

And then the other.

With that, the Rebels win the day, and score a strong propaganda victory.

Both the lead frigate and Home One will need some time in dry dock, but the day is won.

The final score is 10-0 to the Rebels. The MOV is 225 as Sean did grab more of the Intel tokens.

Final thoughts: I will keep this brief. I may have underestimated the MC80. Oh my gosh.

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