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Monday, October 12, 2015

Over the Top: Brett's Brawlers Mission Contest

By Mitch Reed

It seems like I got an extra box of Bret's Brawlers from my work on the new Great War book that just came out. Instead of sending it back, the folks at Battlefront told me to give it away to someone who wants to get into the Great War period,  I am sure I could find many takers, however why not have some fun with this and create a contest that we all can enjoy?  So let's see what great ideas can come from our Flames of War community.

The Contest
Right now the new Great War book has a total of five missions, three of which are original Great War missions and two which are modified from the WWII period of the game.  I know that many of our readers have some great ideas which could expand this total and we want to see what ideas you have.

We are looking for an original mission just for the Great War period.  The winner gets the Bret's Brawlers box set and will have their submission released as a download from the folks at Battlefront. The runner up will not get the box, but will have their mission released to the public as well.  Seems like fun doesn't it?

Each participant will need to submit their mission  to

The mission should be
1. Great war focused; a mission that really represents the period.
2. Complete, make sure you look over the content of the current missions and address every section.   --The map does not have to be pretty but make it something we can understand.
-- What Great War or Flames of War Version 3 Special rules does it use.
--Type of battle, Mobile, Defensive, Fair Fight, Etc.
3. Unique, not a re-hash of a current or past FoW mission.
4. Playable; it should be challenging, fun, and balanced. It should also not re-write or modify the current rules.

Along with your submission please include some details about what gave you the inspiration to write the mission and why it would be a good Great War only mission.

1. You may turn in multiple submissions
2. No ringers please, folks writing content for Battlefront should let others get their ideas out
3. All submissions should be received by 11 PM (EST) on 11 November 2015.  A very fitting date and time.
4.Include your name and contact information with your submission.

The staff of WWPD will take the first cut on the submissions and send the finalists to Battlefront for them to pick the winner and runner up. We hope to announce the winner by end of November 2015.

Questions should be posted on the thread that goes with this article on the WWPD forums.  We will not be checking the email address very much during the contest.

When I say "Over the Top" I don't mean this! 

So lets see what ideas you  have and good luck.

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