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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hero Soviet Tank vs. German Assault Gun Company

 By Eric Lauterbach

So I was over at my buddy Bob Rossi's house and he showed me his brand new Panzer IV/70 A which looked great. So I said these guys look so cool let's play these guys right now! So Bob whipped up some lists and we threw down.

Bob played his new tanks of course and based it of Desperate Measures with a lot of Stugs as the base. I played a Hero Tankovey company based on T-34/85s with some Assault gun Support. Since we wanted action quick we played Free-for-all.

Free for all deployment in go for it mode.

Bob hides his Stugs in the valley. Pak Front up and ready.

SU100 the "Get Lucky" tank!

Far left flank deployment.

Bob's new tanks.

Bob Hiding.

 the deployment.

 Turn one I decide to jump out and pick off his AT guns only problem I rolled like crap.

 Cat and mouse in the center.

Bob's new tanks hide.

 Well I hung it out there Bob does the same.

 This could get ugly.

 Still hiding over here.

 BLAM! it got real ugly.. my armor crumpled like a candy diaper.

 We at least can get a little pay back in the middle

 The bad luck contiues with failed morale and CO goes with them. My right flank is done for it is only a matter of time. It is now go for kills time.

 Finally picked off the ATG.

 Cat and Mouse now in the town.

 Things are looking bad.

 I just go for it and whif. Bob is about to make me pay.

 Bob's new tanks get their first kill.

Bad day for the Russkies good day for German Panzer IV 70. A a deadly box on tracks.  I think its a good value for a 14 AT gun, just don't try to ever hide it in the woods.  Stugs are always good -- they perform well in all eras Early, Mid, and Late so, if you don't have a company of them you're wrong.  I also like the T34/85 Hero list I just had some bad dice on the critical "go for it" turn that all Russians must do.

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