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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing - Green Squadron: Missions Five and Six

Listen up, you two. The rest of the squadron is scattered to all points of the cluster, but we've got an important one that just can't wait. A team of special operators at Argus might have some actionable intel for us, but they've gotten themselves into a bind.

Turns out the HWK-290 they were being extracted in suffered from some faulty hyperdrive repair parts and couldn't complete the evac. They've got a plan to cobble something together - if they sacrifice their weapon systems' power cells to make the fix - it just might work. The problem now is the imps have scrambled squadrons to ferret them out of the asteroid belt they've sheltered in. I need what's left of Green Squadron here on Green Squadron to cover them as they make their final preparations for escape.
Captain M'Kel, commander of Emerald One and the task force responsible for operations in the Aturi Cluster, stops Zholl "Wrongway" Markyle as he's exiting the ready room.
Listen, Green Leader, command has ordered me to keep you on a short leash. I need all the talented pilots I can get my hands on - but I also need all the ships for them to fly in! You lose another x-wing from underneath you and you better hope the ejector pod malfunctions. No more foul-ups, Wrongway!

Participating Pilots:

(Mission Five.)

G1: This is it, 2. The hawk's somewhere in this mess.

G2: I'm getting nothing in all this interference -

HWK: zzz - here! They're gaining on us!

G1: There! I'm going in.

G2: They just need enough time to get the repairs finished -

G2: Got 'em coming around the rock, making their approach. Covering fire!

G1-: It's like the entire sector knows we're here!

G2-: Hawk sure seems to be taking a lot of fire Green Lead-

G1-: I can't clear their cover in time! Get out of there, 290!

TIE Fighter cannon fire cuts across the distance between them and knocks a sizable piece of the hull free.

G2: They're not getting far like that.

HWK: We're going to need more time, Green Squadron!

G1: This is not going to plan.

Green leader squeezes off a barrage that disintegrates the nearest TIE.

G2-: Where'd these squints come in from?

Both rebel ships take heavy fire from all directions.

G1: Have your astromech plot in the microjump we talked about.

G2-: We talked about once you mean, a long time ago!

G1-: Just do it, Green 2! The HWK has slipped my scan - hopefully they've found some place to put down. We've got to get these TIEs out of the area.

Focused fields of fire from the interceptor and fighters splash all around Green Leader's x-wing.

G2-: Watch it, 1! You've got them all on you!

Too late. Green 1's ship spins apart under the incredible weight of fire.

G2: Making the microjump now, Green Leader.

R5 whistles sadly as the hyperdrives spin up.

G2: If you can hear me out there, pal, I'm comin' back for you.

Some time later, Green 2 microjumps back into the center of the field, an x-wing linked to his y-wing with a heavily modified and improvised tow rig.

G2+: Read your beacon loud and clear, Green 1. Brought you a special gift from Captain M'kel, too - an x-wing without a cockpit. I don't suppose you've got one of those to spare, do you?

G1+: zzzzzzz - 's good to hear from you, 2, but we haven't got a chance of fitting this cockpit into an empty Incom while floating in the middle of an asteroid field!

G1+: You underestimate the ingenuity of the alliance, not to mention ol' R5 here!

R5-P9: <chirps excitedly>

The Y-Wing slows quickly to a halt, X-Wing in tow, next to Green 1's capsule. As R5-P9 manipulates a control from the back of the Y-Wing, the empty X is deftly maneuvered underneath the floating pod as magnetic coils hum to life. The cockpit snaps firmly into place and hisses as control and life support connections are reestablished.

(Mission Six)

R5-P9: <rocks side-to-side and buzzes>

G1+: Yeah, yeah, I owe you one, R5. I know.

G2: No, Green Lea- I mean, Green 1. It's the scanners.

HWK: - figured you two'd abandoned us! We could use some backup!

G1-: All this interference from the cluster must've shielded them - they're right on top of us! Green 2, on me!

G2-: Right! Focus on the mission, Green 1.

HWK: Nice shot! Keep them off us - just a few more seconds.

G2-: Green 1, you've got fighters all around and an interceptor incoming! Watch your stabilizer! Get out of there!

G1-: I'm doing what I can here, 2, and watch the commanding tone of voice! Green Leader going in for another pass at those eyeballs.

G2: ... They've yanked your command, Wrongway. You're reckless. I'm Green Leader now. ... It's time for you to RTB, that stabilizer's gone completely loose. I'll cover you.

HWK: We're out in five, Green Squadron! Thanks for the help, Green Leader!

G1: ... BB, see what you can do about that stabilizer while ... I ... set a course for Emerald One.

G1: I'll keep them off of you, 290, good luck!

Green 2 sprays ion blasts from the turret in all directions as the TIEs swarm in.

G2-: Taking heavy fire. Get clear Green 1! R5, get our ticket home ready!

Clear of the field, the HWK-290 blasts off into hyperspace.

G2: Deploying a Conner Net - I hope you're clear Wrongway!

G2+: Nice shot R5! Keep that turret pumping! What about those jump coordinates?

R5: beeps excitedly

G2: Punch it then! That interceptor's almost dropped the shield generator!

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