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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing - Green Squadron: Mission Seven: Capture the Imperial Officer

Listen up, Green Squadron. Intel out of the Nulan system has recently been handed to me that indicates a V.I.P. is about to arrive at a nearby imperial facility for an inspection. This is a big one, folks: Moff Lankin is going to arrive via the following flight path -

The central holoprojector blinks to life, indicating a spinning Lambda shuttle and a trajectory through the Nulan system.

- and it's your job to neutralize the shuttle so that we can bring it back to base. Whatever we gather from the Moff and his shuttle's computer should provide us with even more valuable intelligence to be used in future operations. Green Leader, you have the floor.

What is this all about? Check out previous Green Squadron Missions here!

Participating Pilots:

G2 (acting squad leader): We've rehearsed the plan, Green Squadron. Bracket and destroy the escort while disabling the shuttle. We need Moff Lankin alive and the ship's computer intact! All wings, report in!
G1: Green 1, standing by!
G4: Green 4, standing by!
G7: Green 7, standing by.
G2: Then lock s-foils in attack position. Launch from ambush on my mark... Mark!

G4: My sensors are showing three signals, passing through the debris field now.
G2: Close with them and execute your fire missions, Greens, all at once.

G7: Got one, boss!
G2: Good shot, Cantina, but keep it cool now.

G2: The shuttle is bringing its guns around on us, watch it Green four.
G4: I'm on the escort!

G1: Escort's down, Green leader, put that ion turret to bear.
G2: You got it, 1.
G7: I'm picking up something else on my scanner -

G2: Keeping up a trailing fire as we peel away, Green Squadron. The target's systems are failing!
G1: Copy that, Green Leader.
G2: Green 7, what have you got on scan?
G4: Wait, I see it. What is that -

G4: - ahhhhhxxxxxxx -
G2-: Get out of there, 4!
G7-: Too late!

G1: Must be some kind of new prototype!
G2: Focus on the mission, 2.
Green 2 slams his fist down on the console, having potentially lost a squadron member.
G7: Got another one - for Bottom Feeder!

G7: Moving in on the eyeball -
G1: Watch your nine o' clock, 7!

G7: Nice teamwork, 1!
G2: I'm on the prototype.
R5 beeps from behind Green 2's cockpit.
G2: The ion motivator's still spinning. See if we can't slow that new fighter down, R5!

G1: You winged him, Green Leader!
G7: Watch it, you've got two more on your six, Green Leader!

Burning plasma swirls around Green 7 as the nearest TIE explodes.
G2: Let's clean these stragglers up, Green Squadron, and check how the honorable Moff Lankin is doing inside that short-circuited shuttle.

G1: And let's not forget Green 4, Green Leader. I thought I saw an ejection blast right before that prototype ignited the damper cells on his Incom.
G2: What are you implying, Green 1?
G7: Wait! My astromech's picking Bottom Feeder's beacon up on the shortwave!

G2: Alright, haul him in. Let's get his pod and the Moff back to base. I'll speak with you in the hangar, Green 1.
G1: Sounds like a plan, Green Leader. Count me in.

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