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Monday, October 5, 2015

Green Squadron Mission Four: Needle in a Haystack

Listen up, pilots. We’ve just received a distress call from the Trellisk, one of our supply ships. They were ambushed en route to U’dray and the crew was forced to abandon ship in escape pods. We’re mounting search and rescue operations immediately, but the region is subject to frequent ion storms which will make things difficult for us. Get out there and find them. It’s a good bet that whatever destroyed them is still nearby.

You'll be escorting the Desperado- our recovery ship. Make sure to keep enemy fighters off her while she recovers the escape pods!

Green Squadron Mission Four: Needle in a Haystack.

Participating Pilots:

Green 6: C'mon- something wrong with your eyes Ten Thumbs?

Green 5: Look, I'm just saying- the scope showing all these phantom signals is unsettling is all.

Green 2: We won't see 'em till they're right on us.

Green 1: Okay guys, getting some interference- let's do this while we still have a signal. All wings report in.

Desperado: Recovery One standing by.

Green 6: Hotshot ready to roll, boss.

Green 2: Green 2, standing by.

Green 5: Green 5 standing by.

Green 1: Lock S-Foils in attack position. Scanners on high res. Let's find these guys.

 Desperado- Fighters on scope... difficult to tell how many.

Green 5: Got something on scan... looks like some debris- possibly an intact cargo container.

Desperado: Fighters coming in! They're right on us!

Green 1: All wings! Get 'em! Protect the recovery ship!

Green 2: There's too many of them!

Desperado: Forward Deflector is out! We're taking severe damage!

Green 1: Get those fighters off him!

Green 6: Woooo! Target rich environment!

Green 5: Hey that one was mine!

Green 6: Not fast enough on the draw, Ten!

Green 5: Hah! Got his buddy anyway!

Green 2: I'm picking up something strange on scope... this ion storm is playing havoc...

Green 1: Just focus on keeping those TIEs off the recovery ship.

Green 5: No problem, scratch another one!

Desperado: We are severely damaged- find that lifeboat so we can do our job and get out of here!

Desperado: Hey Green 2- you reading this too? I've got two signals jumping all over the place... what the hell?

Green 2: I'm reading it! Watch out Desperado!

Desperado: They're coming right for us! We can't hold-- AARRRGHGHJHHH-

Green 1: Green Squadron, the mission is a failure. Repeat, the mission is a failure. Get your hyperdrives on line, and I'll meet you back at Emerald One.

Green 2: Imperial Recovery shuttle on scope, permission to engage?

Green 1: Negative Green two. Get out of there, the mission is over.

Green Squadron, this failure is a critical blow to our efforts in the region. We've lost our one good operational light freighter, and the crew of the Trellisk have been killed or captured. Green One, get these missions done or I'll put someone in charge who can. 

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