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Monday, October 26, 2015

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Mk. IV Humber Armoured Car

By Tristan

    Since changing to a British army, I've impatiently waited to get my hands on all the tasty options the British armoured cars allow me. Having run Americans for quite some time, the two choices between the M3 White scout car and the Greyhound meant my options were limited and at times a little dull. This Warlord Games Humber is my first step into a much larger world (please excuse the Star Wars reference).

    Upon initial inspection, it appears that Warlord have turned in another good resin sculpt. There was a little bit of excess resin flash to clean off and the the metal gun barrels and wheels also required a bit work but all in all this appears to be a fantastic kit right off the bat.

    Assembly was easy and all the pieces fit together nicely. A set of instructions on the warlord website would have been nice as they would have told me that I was looking at the opened top hatch doors as opposed to what I believed them to be, stowage. Once that hiccup was sorted I moved on to mounting the wheels and this is where things became a little bogged down. Once all four wheels were attached I noticed that the car has issues sitting flat, with one wheel raised in the air. Despite an attempt to rectify this issue I had clearly used far too much super glue and as such I ended up having to attached a small block of metal to the underside of the wheel to achieve a model that would not rock back and forth.

    From this point forward the model was incredible. I followed my usual modus operandi and added additional stowage and flair before painting. This vehicle is an absolute ton of fun to paint! It has character and an interesting shape that lent itself perfectly to the painting style I'm currently trialing. Once I'd painted the Humber, I gave it a good wash and set about highlights. I'm currently going through a phase where I'm naming my vehicles after WW2 film characters or references, the Humber being called Danny Boy as a clear nod to the WW2 classic, "Where Eagles Dare".

    The finished product looks great and would be amazing to run on the table, at 115 points regular with a +4 gun and recce this is a great investment. I highly recommend this kit as it looks great, was easy to assemble and was awesome fun to paint!

    Until next time, roll your 6's and have fun!

 Tristan is a new kid when it comes to war gaming. Having been playing and painting for a little under 12 months, Tristan has found the whole experience to be both challenging and rewarding. You can find him roaming around most Melbourne based Bolt Action tournaments, mic in hand, ready to record the truth of Bolt Action at a moments notice for the Ghost Army Podcast.

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