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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord GAZ AAA Lorry

By: Old Man Morin

A few weeks ago, some of you would remember the almighty, Patchimus Prime's article about the Soviet Zis-6 Truck by Warlord Games. I have to say, seeing his truck really inspired me to get my own truck painted. Although my truck is also by Warlord games and is also a Soviet truck, it is a completely different vehicle altogether.

I present, without further ado, the Soviet GAZ AAA Lorry!

Two different trucks? What's the difference?

Well, besides the fact that they are literally different makes and models of vehicle, there are quite a few subtle changes, model-wise, between Patch's Soviet truck and mine. As a hobbyist, I prefer resin vehicles with solid cabs. I like painting windows and it means I get to avoid having to paint drivers and passengers. I also like that I don't have to try and line up roofs and support columns to truck chassis's. Less fiddly bits that I have to mess around with and less that I can break on the table top. As you can see below, this kit has a solid cab!

I also like the sturdy appearance of a solidly built work truck. "Dually" wheel assemblies for the rear wheels of a truck look STURDY. This truck has 10 tires! To me it looks like it is ready for the job of hauling gear and troops across the muddy battlefields of the Eastern Front!

I was impressed with the crisp detailing and the clean casting of the Warlord kits. I have expressed in recent reviews how much Warlord has "upped" their game in the quality department with kits made in the last couple of years. This truck is certainly of that "new" school. I bought this kit from the Warlord page (not for a review) and was astonished by the lack of flash that was attached to this kit.

Although the wheels, bumpers and roof were separate pieces of metal, this kit took me a record ten minutes to assemble. Easy as.

It also has, in my opinion, just the right level of detail, to easily paint. I like some panels and texture on a kit to take and direct my brushwork. This kit has both.

From the rear...

To sum up. I am a HUGE fan of this kit. I like this model so much that after assembling and painting this one, I went out and bought a second one for my Finnish army (which I am painting in dirty whitewash at the moment). 

If you are looking for a fantastic quality truck for your Soviet hordes, I would not pass up the Warlord GAZ AAA Lorry. 

Until next time...

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