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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Factory and Warehouse Terrain Set

By Patch

    Terrain is a major part of our experience as tabletop war gamers and the best terrain is that which has a narrative and tells a story. This is generally found when instead of just randomly placing some buildings and trees down and leaving it there you add some of the more ordinary things that would be found in that environment. This brings your table to life and creates a much more spectacular and challenging environment to play over.

A SS patrol ready to ambush an unsuspecting SAS squad.

The full Factory set.

    This brings us to the first subject of this review and that is the Warlord Games Factory Set I. This is a set of 15 pieces that are made of resin and sold direct through the Warlord Games webstore. It has four small piles of pipes, a large pile of pipes, three wire spools, three wooden circular containers, a large pile of wood and a smaller pile of wood as well as two wooden spools with wire. This set would really suit a factory, dockyards or even a train station.

    This set is fantastic for use as scatter terrain around your strategic objectives to allow some realistic cover and concealment. In my little set up scenario for the photo-shoot a small SS squad is getting ready to ambush a SAS patrol that could have been moving in to sabotage a strategic supply depot. You can see how by moving the terrain around you can really create some interesting and challenging terrain to fight over. 

The Bren gunner provides cover while the scout moves forward.

    The terrain comes unpainted, however I knocked these paint jobs out in about an hour with a base colour plus wash, then highlight, and I think they came up a treat. 

A French M4 moves through the factory complex.

    If you are looking to add some serious character to your terrain these are a great addition, good detail, easy to paint and priced at about the same level as a building. Unlike a building through you will get more use out of these as they are not theater specific so you can use them in a Far East setting as easily as a Normandy table. 

Making the best use of some hard cover while the rest of the squad moves up.

    Another great terrain addition from Warlord Games to the table is the Warehouse set. This is 
a combination of crates and boxes and other items normally seen in a warehouse. It is also a resin set that comes unpainted and again an afternoon will see them all dressed and ready to play with. The pieces are well detailed and sized well to allow you to spread them out or group them together as you see fit. They mix really well with the factory set and priced the same as a small tank again, they offer a versatile piece of terrain suitable in any environment. 

The full Warehouse Set 1 with some of the new Warlord Games Plastic FJ for scale.

'Clear this area!'

    I cant wait to play some my next game of Bolt Action with these terrain features added in, thanks for reading and I will be back again soon with another review.

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