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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing - Battle Report: Triple Play Battle

Andrew and I were able to play 3 games of X-Wing one night, just trying some new stuff out. I decided to not only take Scum, but to take Boba Fett. Scum is really growing on me, and while I'll never be a fan of Boba Fett in general, he is pretty sweet on the tabletop!

We decided to use the destroyed Blockade Runner by Space-Rocks as a backdrop. Make sure to read our review and use our code IFF2015 to get 10% off!

Boba comes racing out.

Early on, the jousting commences.

Cobra hits hard!

No shooting for Boba. D'oh.

The conga line.

T'bane Cobra knocks out Horton in short order. So many red dice!

That poor Thug is getting the business end of Wedge and T' Nunb.

T'bane Cobra is swinging around.

The Thug goes down hard!

Boba is way out of the fight. I need to learn how he works!

Cobra swoops in...

...and tears down Wedge!

With just one damaged B-Wing left, Andrew calls it! Score one for the scummies.

We ran the same lists a second time to see what might change. This time, I sent Boba and the Y up the right.

Then everyone turned in towards the center.

Rebels inbound!

Concentrated fire from Boba, and the TLT (the turn before) splashes Wedge.

Everyone jumps in the middle and mixes it up. Cobra is in a tight spot!

Ten Nunm finishes him off.

But Boba uses his inertial dampener to stay in place, catching the Y-Wing in a good spot, and blasts it from existence, while the Scum Y wing evades the B-Wing's arc.

In the end, the B-Wing is in a bad way and damage is mounting, and Andrew calls it. Another one for the sort-of-bad-guys.

This time, I switched my list up to have Echo and Whisper (each with Advanced Cloaking, Sensor Jammer, and Veteran Instincts). Whisper also had Mara Jade, and Echo had a Rebel captive. Rounding out the list was an Academy Pilot TIE.

The two Phantoms navigate the debris.

While the bait boldly strides forward...

Wedge acquires his target and goes hunting.

The Phantoms spring out of cloak, but Whisper narrowly clips an asteroid!

As Wedge's shots ring true and tear down the Academy TIE.

But the Rebel pilots have a hard time pinning down the sneaky Phantoms.

Who strike from the shadows...

And then recede again.

Both Wedge and the Y-Wing die on the same turn, but it's getting late now so we decide to call it. A rough night for the Rebels, though much fun was had!

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