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Monday, September 21, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing - Green Squadron: Mission One: Patrol

Mission One in an ongoing series. See the introduction here.

All right, pilots, we've got reports of an imperial reconnaissance patrol nearby, and we're dispatching you all to finish them. Since you're all a bunch of rookies, this mission should be a good chance to cut your teeth, and see what the Empire's bringing to bear. Good hunting, Green Squadron. May the Force be With You.
Green Squadron Mission One: Local Trouble.
If you have no idea what is going on, make sure to Check out Heroes of the Aturi Cluster.


Participating Pilots:

Green 6: Are you kidding, Mynock? TIEs don't hold a candle to an X-Wing- especially not MY X-Wing.
Green 2: Oh yeah? Have you tested that th-
Green 1: Alright Green Squadron, cut the chatter. Three Ties on Scope. All Wings Report In.

Green 2Green Two Standing By.
Green 6: Green Six Standing By.
Green 1: Lock S-Foils in attack position. Let's make this smooth and by the numbers.

Green 2: Ion turret warming up, don't get too far ahead!

Green 1: I'm starting my attack run. Got three eyeballs just behind the rock.

Green 1: Watch out Mynock! I'm on him!

Green 2-: I Can use a little help here!
Green 1: Hang tight Green 2!

Green 1: Woo! Scratch One Eyeball!

Be Careful Green Squadron, I've got enemy reinforcements on scope.

Green 2: Taking Fire! Right Nacelle in the red! Get on it, R5.

Green 1: Got a Squint coming right for us!

Green 2: I got him! Let's see how maneuverable he is after a few ion blasts!

Green 1: Hotshot, you turned right into him!
Green 6: I can take him!

 Green 1: Got one on my Six! Trying to shake- AARRGHHGHGHGHH ZZZZZZZZ

 Green 6: Got One!

Green 2: Took down that Squint! Sit tight Green One, we'll get you in a second.

Green Squadron, it looks like the remaining TIEs are breaking off. Recover Green One and return to base.

Green 2: Copy, Emerald One, heading home.

Mission Result: Success. Green One had his X-Wing shot out from under him, but the Empire withdrew from the area.

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