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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing - Battle Report: TIE Phantoms vs A, K, and X-Wing.

By Steve MacLauchlan

Time for quick X-Wing showdown between myself and Andrew!

For this game, I ran the Imperials and Andrew ran the Rebels. We did not realize the Decloak had been errata'd, so we found the TIE Phantoms to be incredibly powerful. The plan was for the crummy TIE to be used to block moves/stop actions while the two TIE Phantoms swung around to chew on the enemy after being clever with decloaks!

Andrew was keen to see the K-Wing in action, but wanted to spell AKX with his ships.

Those Phantoms are maneuverable as heck!

The Black Squadron TIE goes down hard, before the Phantoms mix it up in the midst of the Rebels.

Whisper is all that remains after a mega-hit from Wedge rips Echo to pieces. But Whisper is tough to bring down!

The game lasts many more turns, but Whisper is able to stay alive through judicious use of Evades, and cloaking while avoiding Wedge's front arcs!

Finally, at the last, Whisper brings down Wedge! She's mean! But now we need to try it again with the correct rules for decloaking!

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