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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing - Battle Report: K-Wings vs Vader & Whisper

Andrew and I were excited to get the K-Wings on the table! They look like an A10 Warthog and I just love them to pieces. So I flew the Rebels, and Andrew put an Empire squadron together. This is just a brief battle report, as we aren't expert enough to have any opinions that matter!

Squadron lists courtesy of

 K-Wings prepare to SLAM their way in, drop some Connor nets, and laser turret some junk! Asteroids by (Use the code IFF2015 to get 15% off!)

Whisper Cloaks as she closes in.

 TLTs open up, and start plinking some damage on the TIEs.

 Vader and company navigate the asteroids (not always successfully...)

 Before having a 3 TIE pile up thanks to an A-Wing bravely jumping in their way!

 Vader goes down to K-Wing fire.

 The K-Wings drop a connor net into the whole mess, making movements fairly predictable.

Focused fire manages to take down Whisper. With Turr damaged, we call the game for the Rebels! One of the K-Wings is one damage away from death, but their TLTs are sweet!

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