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Monday, September 21, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Bombers everywhere!

In the moments leading up to prime opponent Sean and I building our lists in secret for a battle in the Lab, we don't discuss builds or tactics at all. But sometimes, there's just a listy vibe in the air, and we both settle on something similar. It happens all the time, and this game was no exception! I thought I'd do something out of character for me- a Rebel list with no Assault Frigates, no Corvettes, and B-Wings! That is like, mirror universe Steven with an evil Goatee.

Sean also decided on a bomber-centric build. I was excited to see where this thing went!

Sean elected to go first, and chose Hyperspace assault from my objectives. Naturally, I placed Yavaris and 3 Bs in the Hyperspace Assault. I setup my Nebs to try and maximize range from his VSDs.

B-wings scout the station ahead as the Nebulons move forward.

VSDs deploy fighters.

As you can see, the bottom of turn one saw us on approach vectors. I held onto my ambush. Unfortunately, the Nebulon B in the upper right (which was Salvation w/ Dodonna) failed to be given a Navigate command. I'm not sure why the colossal brain fart, but it mean it was barreling right into those VSDs. I've made a huge mistake.

Bombers start mixing it up. My B-Wings jump into the fray (since they can't make it to the VSDs anyway) and shoot up some bombers. Them combined with AA fire from the ships soften up some bombers, but those black dice start slamming into Salvation and it hurts.

The Bs tie up some fighters, but Sean is able to finagle most of his dice out first.

VSDs continue to race forward.

Salvation fires into Tarkins' leading ship. He redirects the damage, but it is substantial. Unfortunately, he breaks up the Squadron furball, and is completely surrounded by bombers!

Redemption noses through the wreckage, and helps concentrate on Tarkin's leading VSD.

Yavaris drops out of hyperspace...

Along with 3 Bs hounding Tarkin.

Double tapping B-Wings take down Tarkin,

While the unengaged TIE Bombers finish off Salvation.

Sean cleverly activated Corruptor first on Turn Four, even though it meant ramming into Tarkin. I questioned it at the time, until I realized he was ensuring Yavaris' side arc would be in his front arc. Then Yavaris died horribly.

At the last, the two surviving ships stare each other down.

Redemption goes down in a blaze of glory...

...but Corruptor was right behind!

Conclusion: Man, this was a super fun game! I think screwing up Salvation's navigate early on is what cost me. I didn't hate the B-Wings this game!

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