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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing - Space Rocks Nebulon B Escort Frigate for Star Wars X-Wing Review

Mike from Space Rocks was awesome enough to send us the first Nebulon B Escort frigate off the production line in order to make it for our epic playthrough of the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster (Be sure to remember our code if you think you might order one! IFF2015 saves you 10%). When I cracked the box open, I literally "woo'd" at the top of my lungs due to sheer awesomeness. This thing is HUGE, and it's ready to go in seconds.

The ship comes pre-painted (the painting is great!), and includes a 5 part stand. Also included, though not pictured: a very handy brochure detailing how to assemble it, and some suggested rules for use in X-Wing. The rules and additional information can be found on the official Nebulon B product page.

Look at that glorious beast. It's just a hair over two feet long, and stands about a foot tall. Impressive. Most Impressive.

The fore section. This pre-production run has been cast with the pieces in half and then glued together, Mike tells me has devised a way to cast the sections in their entirety, removing the slight mold line you will see in these pictures. Further, the final model will be some amalgamation of foam core and hard plastic (not unlike Mike's previous plastics) which will maintain rigidity of the model, but reduce weight a bit.

The aft. The final production version will also have the command bridge at the aft be a separate piece that will need to be attached for ease of storing/transport.

On an FFG X-Wing mat. I really have no complaints about this thing! It's hard to come up with any criticism! Other than the slight mold line (which, honestly, isn't bad at all), it just looks ridiculously cool on the table! Not one person showed up and didn't say "wow!" when they saw it.

Some TIEs for scale. As you can imagine, this thing isn't super cheap, but for the investment- I think it's worth it as a center piece to your collection. The retail is $260 MSRP, but you can get it now for $210USD. Furthermore, you can use our code IFF2015 to knock another 10% off.

An arm for scale. Once the central spar is clicked into place (it inserts then rotates 90 degrees to hold it all together), the ship is very sturdy!

Out of the box.

And here's some glamour shots as it appeared during our massive campaign weekend.

Green Squadron pilots return home. If you note the slight saggingin the middle here, it's because we hadn't yet clicked it into place! Fear naught, the ship goes together very well- this was user error.

 A flight of Green Squadron returns with a rescued Transport, while the rest of the squadron is on Combat Air Patrol.

 Green Squadron captured an Imperial refueling station.

The ragtag fleet of the Aturi Cluster.

In Closing This thing is crazy. The documentation on the product page has suggested stats for using it in a game. I have not done so just yet, but plan to! This will not be the last you see of the Nebulon B here on WWPD! May the force be with you.

As an aside- anyone have any tips for airbrushing the windows/engines on this sucker?

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