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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing - Space Rocks Destroyed Blockade Runner Review and Gallery

If you remember my debris and space station review for Armada, I was a big fan of their product! After that review, Mike from Space Rocks was kind enough to hook me up with a review copy of his awesome destroyed Blockade Runner for X-Wing! In fact, his generous offer helped push me into getting back into X-wing, but that's for another day!

If you plan to pick up anything from Space Rocks, make sure to use the code IFF2015 to save some cheese!

Now, unfortunately, I wiped a bunch of pictures from my phone and deleted the "before" pictures. I am borrowing the pictures from Space Rocks, only so you can see how the Corvette looks out of the box.
There she is out of the box. The model looks totally fine as is, and looks like a hulk drifting in space. The bases are thick acrylic with sturdy stands. I mention that specifically, because others have mentioned that previous bases were thin or brittle- I have never seen those, implying perhaps Space Rocks changed the bases. In either case, the bases provided with this were fine.

Edit: Mike e-mailed me to let me know that in the early days, they used different bases which in hindsight were not very good. They have indeed since replaced them. You can buy the replacement bases for a few bucks if you scroll to the bottom of this page.

Here are the pictures of the Corvette I did up. I painted it a hair lighter by dry-brushing it with a pale grey. I replaced the red trim with blue just to set it apart. Next, I dry-brushed the damage black, and then did up the embers. The embers were quite simple: red base, orange inside the red, a bright orange totally inside the orange, and finally a touch of yellow over the orange. As with the Armada stuff, I really wanted the ship to look like it had just been destroyed.

 The destroyed Blockade Runner as 3 TIE Interceptors scream past.

 Detail of the ruin.

 The search party looks for escape pods.

In conclusion, I'm quite happy with the end result! Looking forward to getting it on the table in a game of X-Wing soon.

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